Popular Souvenirs and Gifts from New Zealand for Family and Friends

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Gifts from New Zealand

Visiting a place creates beautiful memories in our lives. We all are travel-loving souls who crave journeys. We are always thirsty for adventures in new places. Once we visit a place, it gets engraved in our hearts forever. But what about the people who haven’t visited it yet! We always want to share a piece of our experience with our loved ones. The best way to gift them a piece of the place is to bring souvenirs. Here are some of the most famous indigenous souvenirs and gifts from New Zealand for your family. Online gift delivery to New Zealand is the best online place to order gifts from.

Jada Necklace

Remember the famous Moana animated movie from Disney? And the heart of Te fit? Yes, Jada is that greenstone named ‘Pounamu’ from New Zealand. A Jade neckpiece carries the purpose of presenting the best. It represents a very delicate and intense bond between the sender and the recipient. It is a native green stone that is prominent and translucent. One can make different shapes of pendants from this stone and tie it with a black beaded neck chain. Some people like it worn as a wristlet or ring as well. It would be one of the most remarkable gifts from New Zealand for your loved one.

Merino Wool

Merino Wool

If you have a generation-old granny in your home, this would be the coziest gift for them from NZ. New Zealand has a huge amount of grazing cattle, sheep the most. Their wool is warmer and better in quality. Such wool is a huge part of the worldwide fashion platform. From stylish scarves to underwear garments- this variety of wool comforts inner and outer levels. These Merino wool garments as souvenirs are available in branded clothing shops of New Zealand. Sending a merino wool scarf or a woolen cap are popular birthday gift trends in New Zealand.

Wood Carving

Everyone has heard about the great Maori tradition. This tradition hails from this land. Wood carving is a very integral part of this tradition. The wooden designs and architectures here are very rich and diverse. It can be a very perfect souvenir gift. The carved wooden panels have a beautiful name- ‘Whakairo Rakau’. It represents the intergenerational skill and expertise of the Maori people. There is a deep connection between the wood carvings and jade stone. People used Jade stones to carve the designed sculpture from wood. Such gifts from New Zealand are a lifetime achievement.

Abalone Stone

Abalone Stone

Abalone stone is one of the most stunning stones to find in the jewelry world. It is rare and precious around the world. But in Kiwi land, this ‘Mother of Pearls’ is abundant. It is a large shell with striking colors on it. The colors range from purple, green, dark blue, white, and pink. One can find them lying on the beds of New Zealand’s coasts. Pieces of such stone can decorate different household items. Cups, jewelry boxes as well as tiffin boxes will look special with this stone. One can also buy a stone or piece of stone and carve a personalized key chain out of it for their loved ones.

Buzzy Bee Toy

A Buzzy bee toy is a very iconic souvenir from New Zealand. This gift will mesmerize you if you have a kiddo at home. This is a very simple and elegant toy. It has string coming out of its mouth with an attached rewind coil. One just needs to pull the string. The wings and tail click as a result. It is an age-old indigenous Kiwiana toy from the 1930s. There have been modifications in the design. But the function remains the same. It is pure joy for the kids.

Wine or Beer

Wine or Beer

New Zealand is a very small island. It does not have the population to globalize its winery. But that does not mean they do not manufacture amazing wines or beers. It was in 2015 that craft beer from NZ became a global sensation. The classic and vintage Kiwi beer called Tui would be a great souvenir gift for the loved one. One of the most popular wine facts in NZ is that it is still growing. It might take some time to get global recognition. But once it does, it would be a very popular one.

Manuka Honey

Everyone has a sweet tooth friend who craves sweets. Rather, there is a sweet tooth fairy living in everyone. For them, the Manuka honey would be an amazing Kiwiana souvenir gift for your loved one. This honey is not just for delicacy. It has very promising medicinal features as well. It is very effective for wound healing as well. Manuka honey is also anti-bacterial and antiviral. If you wish to send birthday gifts online to New Zealand, this is the easiest gift to pick up.

New Zealand is a place of wonders and rich cultural artifacts. Above are the most popular souvenirs and gifts to bring for your family and friends from New Zealand.

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