Summer activities and gift baskets ideas

Some Summer Activities and Gift Basket Ideas to Enjoy

What is the best way you remember your summer days from childhood? Of course, it is the summer break from schools. The summer vacation is the time every child is eagerly waiting for every year. It is at least one month break from mundane school day routine. And it is the perfect time to discover your creative self. There are many activities one can opt for. As it is hot outside, you can have a creative and peaceful atmosphere indoor. To find out what you are capable of, try your hands in basket making.

1) Activity Basket –

Activities gift basket ideas

The very first thing that comes to mind to keep your lad busy in summer break is activity basket. Let your kid decide the side and material. It can be a card board basket or a ready-made basket. He/she will decorate it with coloring papers and designs. There are ample contents you can choose to put. The musts are chalk and pastels for drawing. Then some equipment to help sand activities will be great. Do not forget to add some light snacks they will enjoy after a long day’s enjoyment. Besides, there follows numbers of separate baskets you can go for.


a) Chocolate Gift Hampers –

Chocolate gift hampers

Chocolates are the best things that children are fond of. Though they all have their favorite flavors, but they will never say no to any of the flavors. So, a chocolate basket is easier to make. You can make it large, or even larger as it will never be enough for them. There are never-ending kinds of chocolate to put in. But some worth mentioning are Chocó-bars of different types and chocolate cookies. Chocolaty snacks and candy poppers will also be great contents. Designer chocolates will make them surprised to have a chocolate basket as a gift. You can get the best customized ones form online delivery sites.


b) Game Night Basket –

This basket is more than perfect for a family get together night. This basket includes some fun games and some delicious snacks. The preference is always the group games. Uno and trump cards are great. You can have puzzle-trees as well. In the snacks part, include some chips and chocolates. Cold drinks will be a great compliment to the game night and the snacks. This night will leave a quality memory to all the family members.


c) Movie Night Basket –

When kids have to go to school on a regular basis, they don’t get time to have a movie night. The summer break is a great time to offer them some time to spend with movies. There are dozens of children’s classic movies. They range from animation to sci-fi. Make a basket that looks like a movie reel. Put inside a few hand-picked classic for your children of all times. While they are watching the movies for the first time, you also watch with them. This will take you back to your childhood days and you will feel amazed.


d) Candy Basket-

You can have surprise that your children are not fond of chocolates. Or they might need a new taste. This can be a perfect alternative. Candy baskets have numbers of opportunities. The size of the basket depends on your budget and needs. There must be twizzlers and fun-dips as the content. Besides, you can add sour candies and skittles. You can try the simple all same candies trick or a mix and match trick. You can make it perfect by ordering from gift basket delivery sites.


2) Summer Activities-


Summer activities can be fun and enjoying. Here is a list of the most amusing activities.


a) Squirting the cup with water guns-

This is a creative fun activity and is very easy. Stack the plastic cups in a way that makes it a pyramid shape. Then let your kids squirt that cup-pyramid with the help of the water gun. It will be fun because it won’t be easy. Once they break the pyramid, they will have fun. They would like to repeat it and keep on playing for the rest of the day.


b) Ultimate Bubble Mixtures –

It is a colorful way of engaging oneself into summer activities. There is no kid who dies not like soap bubbling. How about making it a little unique? Mix up different colors of soap solution and pour them into a tub. Then even with a fly-swatter, you can make mixed coloring bubbles.


c) Make Rainbow Crayons-

Painting is the most creative way to find the artist in your kids. Kids don’t follow patterns rather they create. So give you lad a trey full of crayons and let him/her be the painter. Rainbow is one of the most interesting things that every kid has attraction to. Bind his/her first rainbow painting into frame as an asset.


As childhood is the crucial time for the flowering of the children it is important to keep them engage. Above are the best ways to use the time to discover their true self.

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