Tips for Choosing Get-Well Flowers for hospital patients
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Top Tips for Choosing Get Well Flowers for Hospital Patients

A few shopping tips will help you to choose perfect get well flowers that are best for visiting a sick friend, and won’t be evicted by hospital staff. When a person close to you becomes ill or injured or having a surgery, it is quite natural for you to express your concern and wish them a speedy recovery. Get well flowers delivery can cheer up the spirits of sick person. Also, helps in perking up the confidence of the person you care about. It shows that there is someone out there who cares about them. Wondering how to achieve all that? Here are some tips you must keep in mind :

Be Quick (Timing)

Timing is important. It is everything when it comes to sending flowers, any flowers for that matter. The rules of etiquette states that flowers should be sent ASAP. Because as much you delay the importance of those flowers diminishes.

The person may wonder how much really he/she means to you. So even if you are on a busy schedule, make a little time to send. It will light up the day of your loved one. And most, it shows you care.

Can You Bring Flower to Hospitals?

  • Go through hospital policies. Hospital won’t allow flowers in intensive care unit, burn unit or newborn section.
  • Floral gifts make patients happier for longer compared to other gifts.
  • Make sure they are allergy free flowers.

Basic Things to Consider Before Order Get Well Flowers to Hospital

  • Make sure you know full name of the patient for whom you are sending the flowers.
  • The name and address of the hospital where he/she has been admitted.
  • The ward and room number of the patient.
  • Make sure you check the delivery hours at the hospital, to get a rough estimate of time of delivery.

Tip: Patients get moved all the time in hospitals so do not use room numbers as identification, as you may be sending flowers to someone else. So call the hospital to confirm the patients room number.

Get Well Bouquet Get Well Bouquet
Be Happy Bouquet with Roses – $49.97

Upsy Daisy- $39.97

What Size of Flower Bouquet is Best?

The size of the bouquet depends completely on you. Read below tips before buying. 

  • Large, unwieldy bouquets are more likely to be refused entry into hospitals than small arrangements. 
  • Smaller bouquets are easier for patients to carry out of the hospital when they leave.
  • Try to go for sneeze less blooms, as it is a risk with not only the patient but also his/her visitors and family members.
  • Pick out flowers with woody stems which won’t appear all soggy and soft after a while.
  • Look for a durable and environment friendly vase. Glass and ceramic vases may appear flashy but they break easily.

What Types of Flowers are Best for Sick Person as a Get Well?

Here we have listed for you some of the best flowers you can opt to send to a sick person, whether at home or at the hospital-

  • Daisies: It’s a classic choice. White, old school daisies are fresh and provide a clean feeling to any room. You can also opt for brighter and more colorful ones, the gerbera daisies. Combine it with a lot of green foliage for a neat combination.
  • Peonies: The ideal get soon flower, mainly blossoms in spring. Also known as the healing flower. As it is one of the rarer breeds it stands out among others and signifies the importance of the person for whom you are sending.
  • Pansies: It means, “Loving thoughts”. Bold and colorful, the perfect gift to add a much needed injection of beauty to any space.
  • Hydrangeas: They signify tenacity and are the best bet to boost the morale of any sick person. Also we recommend you opt for a potted version for better significance.
  • Orchids: One of the best options when you are sending flowers to a hospital. They offer more longevity when compared to other flowers and with the right amount of care they re bloom too. Hands down, the better alternative.
  • Houseplants: They are mood lifting flowers along with acting as air purifiers. According to popular studies, plants act as well as flowers. We recommend tropical houseplants, which won’t produce pollen, hence allergy free and safe. They are easy to maintain and often helps in refreshing both the air and the mood of the room. Search Plants for sale online and grab it.

What are Other Gifts with Flowers are Suitable?

The best way is to make your own combination. Joke books, light-hearted novels and comedy DVDs create much laughter . Also, order get well balloons, care basket and little chocolates to complete it.  For children, you can add any soft toys or other kid stuffs to brighten up their day. Go online, search it and order gifts.

Why Choose Home Delivery Instead of Hospital?

Due to strict policies of some hospital, it’s difficult to send flowers in patience’s room. So, arrange flowers delivery to person’s home.  Your friend won’t be burdened with packing up flower arrangements when leaves hospital. But make sure your time it right, i.e. the day he/she return home.

Don’t Forget hand Written Message

Personalized messages go a long way in cheering up any sick person.. Most of us opt for cards from the local retailers or gift shop. But believe me, there is nothing more unique than a small hand written message. It doesn’t have to be long; it can be any joke or drawing or doodle, anything funny will do too, albeit, hand written. Just watch your special one smile when they see the effort you have put in for them. We promise it will make both of your days. Find 7 Amazing Get Well Gifts for Kids Will Make Them Joyful.

We hope these tips help. Follow them and we promise you will be able to liven up the life of your special one.

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