Tips to Store Chocolates to Make them Last Longer

Tips to Store Chocolates

It is always a good idea to keep some chocolate in your house as you can have surprise visitors anytime. It is a nice to treat for yourself too. But are you aware of how long you can keep the store chocolates and what is the best way to do so? We All love chocolates but we are not quite aware of the way chocolate is to be stored and so we are here to help you. It is important to store chocolate in the right way to preserve its look, texture, and flavor and chocolate can last for months if milk is absent in chocolate that is it is dark chocolate or especially when it is frozen.

Thus we are here with some of the basic tips and tricks to store chocolate so that it lasts longer. Make chocolate delivery USA to your friends and relatives living miles away from you and convey your greetings for special occasions in the sweetest way.

  1. Keep Away from Light and Odors

Keep Away from Light and Odors

The most important thing to keep in mind when you want to store chocolates is to keep them away from light and air. As contact with any of these can lead to oxidation which is a process that makes chocolate’s fat disintegrate. When this happens the flavor of the chocolate will change and it will cause an unpleasant smell too. Also, store it away from strong-smelling products like cheese or fish as chocolate has a tendency to absorb these smells and also affect its taste. You can know of various fabulous chocolate gifts from our online gift site so that you can delight the love of your life with the best chocolate ever.

  1. Store Away from Heat

Store Away from Heat

Heat is chocolate’s biggest enemy so store it away from the sun and also away from heaters in harsh winters. This is not caused a meltdown disaster or won’t result in their reduced quality. Heat can also cause the fats and sugars to separate which will cause a whitish appearance on the chocolate. The optimal temperature to store chocolate for a long time should be 65 degrees.

  1. Use Properly Protected Container

Use Properly Protected Container

The best container to store chocolate should be nonporous. Plastic is porous and over time it will allow the odors to enter the container while glass containers are better at preventing odors. The container should also be such that it avoids sunlight that is light. To store chocolate in the best manner first chill them. Second, wrap them in wax papers and then transfer them into airless freezer bags. Send cake online from our cake shop and wish your near and dear ones a very happy birthday through delicious and designer cake.

  1. For Standard Use Store at Room Temperature

For Standard Use Store at Room Temperature

The ideal temperature for storing chocolates is between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit as much warmer than that can cause the chocolate’s texture and appearance to change and suffer. Boxed chocolates will keep their quality for some 6 to 9 months though they are opened and the chocolates that are filled with creams and caramels last a little shorter than 6 to 9 months.

  1. For Long Term Store in Refrigerator or Freezer

For Long Term Store in Refrigerator or Freezer

When you refrigerate chocolate, its shelf life can be extended by at least 25 percent, and when you freeze it. It can be prolonged by 50 percent more. You can place the box of chocolate in a heavy-duty plastic bag and seal it tightly. You can store it in the refrigerator for a year or up to 18 months for the best quality. Also, thaw the frozen chocolates in the refrigerator. You can know of ways to store chocolate from our online gift site so that you can preserve your favorite treats for the longest time.

  1. Other Factors to Keep in Mind When Storing Chocolate

Other Factors to Keep in Mind When Storing Chocolate

  • Ostwald Ripening

Small cocoa butter crystals can become larger over time and this effect is and as Ostwald Ripening. These crystals start to appear at the surface as a white deposit. This is because of temperature fluctuations. Get tips to store chocolates from our online chocolate store and enjoy your chocolate for the

  • Hygroscopy

Chocolate has a water content of 0.6 percent and if the chocolate does not have protective packaging it can absorb moisture. But when the chocolate is packed properly, it is completely safe. You can order popular types of chocolates from our online chocolate shop to treat your special ones for important occasions to convey your wishes.

  • Diffusion

Diffusion is nothing but the substances from the surrounding environment can diffuse through the packaging into the chocolate. So nowadays chocolates are often packaged in sealed plastic and before that, they are wrapped in aluminum foil with outer paper wrap.

We hope these tips will help you store chocolates so that it lasts for a longer time.

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