Top 10 Creative Ideas to Use Balloons for Decoration

Balloons are very common decoration type nowadays. if you want to get the exclusive decoration in party you must try the creative ideas to use balloons to make a milestone celebration. We have invited sophisticated and whimsical decoration of balloon delivery to flaunt the party. Hope you like it and share this idea with others too.

1. Photo Balloons

photo balloons

Personalized photo balloons decoration is a simply superb idea to take the decoration to the next level. You can make the printed balloons at home by following guests name and messages on it. You can also ask for photo balloons from online balloons shop. It’s a great idea to give the extra special attention to someone very close to your heart.

2. Floating on Air Balloons

floating on air balloons


Not just helium balloon can float in air. You can air the balloons via fishing wire or any stick. Just give a hold to big balloons each of fishing wire and decorate it on the swimming pool. Fishing wires creates a great animation of floating though they are not helium filled.

3. Approach things from a New Direction

approach things from a new direction


You have always floated balloons from the bottom to up. Now let’s do different. Use strings and hold it upside down on the dinner table. It’s a great idea for the one who wants to top the ceiling in multicolor theme.

4. Glow Stick Balloons

glow stick balloons

You have nothing to do with this. This is a simple DIY trick. Just float the balloons and fill the glow stick inside. Now decorate it on the walls or ceilings. It’s a great way to delight the decoration in very low cost.

5. Balloon Art

balloon art


You can make any theme shaped balloons using various shapes balloons. Get the long cylinder shape balloons and make lollipops. Use polka dot balloons and get the candy shape look. There are so many other shapes like ice crème, cup cake you can make to make your decoration extra ordinary.

6. Balloons Garland with Blinging String

balloons garland with blinging string


Making balloons garland is not difficult. But you can light up the garland using binging string. Just stick the lighting strings on balloons and make wonderful garlands to light up the party hall. Instead you can deliver the balloon bouquets and delight it with blinging strings.

7. Escort Cards Balloons

escort card balloons


Escort cards balloons are a great idea to do the proper arrangements for honorable guests. You can print or write a name on every card and float it on the balloons. Or place it on the back side of chair. Balloons will point out each guest to his or her particular sit.

8. Reception Table Number Balloons

reception table number balloons


When you call for a huge party you must check the placing arrangements of guests of honor and other normal guests. Table number balloons will help you in this way. Buy number balloons and float it on the table decoration of related person. The guests will be given the card number; guests will find their sitting arrangements themselves only.

9. Ceremony Decor

ceremony decor


In huge wedding ceremony decoration must be thoughtful and delighting. Get the exclusive chandelier in the center of ceiling and decorate the sides with bunch of balloons garlands. Also decorate the dinner table with glowing balloons. It is an exclusive arrangement to glow the wedding party.

10. Ring Bearer Balloon Decoration

ring bearer decoration


Ring Bearer has the great responsibility of carrying the symbol of love. Ring bearer balloons decoration is a better option to create the thoughtful decoration for the youngsters walking at the aisle of wedding. Handover simple white balloons and please don’t knot or tie any ring in the strings of balloons, it may loose up.

If you do not have any idea what to give in your friend’s birthday party, send birthday balloons from here. We have covered all types of party decorations you can do it yourself. You can also search and try other ideas of balloons decorations from internet. And if you don’t want to take a panic, you can also call the party decorators to get the theme based decoration with balloons.

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