Top 10 Stylish Wedding Cake Ideas for Canadian People

The wedding celebration is a milestone celebration and it is incomplete without cake cutting tradition. And now there are various types of designs involved in making wedding meaningful and popular. We bring some of the very famous wedding cakes ideas to decorate the wedding reception.

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1.Sprinkles cake

small and simple cake

Sprinkles cake is served to add a color in the wedding party. It is the best suitable cake for the theme parties. You can add the extra color of joy and happiness via decorating the cake table with adorable sprinkles cake.

2. Small and simple cake

small and simple cake

Nowadays people look for the simple white theme parties. In wedding white color is the favorite color. The small and simple cake is an adorable option for this type of party. You can adore the simple cake with edible flowers or design to make the wedding party a most happening and delighting.

3. Flowers Decor Cake Ideas

Flower decor cake

Flowers decoration on the cake is in demand. People do use edible flowers to get the blooming decoration on floral theme parties. The white cake is used to frost the light shade flowers like lavender, pink roses, and orchids. Flowers give the best designer look to the three tier wedding cake.

4. Beautiful Colors Cake

Beautiful color cake

Fill the color in the cake by decorating it with vivid matching colors. You can add edible colors like gold, pink, and blue, orange and make it colorful. You can choose the flower color and decorate it as per the party theme. Truly it is a thoughtful idea to give the make the wedding day a memorable one.

5. Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

unique wedding cake

Make it different, make it unique. Instead of following the simple trend of wedding cake, try this extraordinary cake idea to make the wedding day a grand ceremony. The top layer of cake is simple. The second layer of cake is exquisitely decorated with floral prints. And the third layer is again simple. This unique design gives the simple cake a unique touch.

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6. Bold Cake Ideas

bold cake

Mint, pink and golden creates a beautiful atmosphere. People who want bold cake decoration can easily go with it. The gold sides glaze the cake and pink and mint color gives the best look you never imagine before. You can cover the dinner table with this cake and decorate the sides with pink and mint roses. Golden candles around it will brighten the cake.

7. Classic Wedding Cake Ideas

classic wedding cake

You can add a twist and fun in three layers white cake. The floral design on whole cake is a simply superb idea to adorn the cake table. it is an absolute idea for the flower theme party. Everything is covered with flowers, Flowers on the top of the cake, floral designs on the sides of cake. The cake is surrounded by small flowers with green leaf. It’s absolutely matching idea for those who love to bloom the wedding occasion and perfect anniversary cake also.

8. Painted Wedding Cake

Trendy cake

The Painted wedding cake is new style wedding cake. This really shows the talent of art loving bakers. Bakers indulge their most of the talent to paint a design on your cake. Marbleized design, Monet inspired design; the stained-glass design is a very first choice for wedding cake decoration. See how it looks beautiful when three tier cakes are beautifully adorned with colored layers. You can also ask for the simple flower accent on it.

9. Floral Cake Ideas

floral cake ideas

Both fresh flowers and sugar flowers can add a touch of elegance to a wedding cake. One guideline, stick to simple white cake and decorate it with subtle colors of sugar rose and fresh flowers. Make a floral design on layers and decorate it with mini bouquets of flowers on top. Edible flowers are the best option for it.

10. Monogrammed Wedding Cakes

Monogram wedding cake

Monogram theme is the pickiest theme of the most of the wedding knot. Tell the baker to add a new style monogram designs on it. He can use any one color to make a patterned monogram design on the cake. The repetitious pattern will give the prettiest design on the cake. You can use this type of design in all square, circle, and three tier cakes.

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We have covered almost all the trending ideas of wedding cakes to make the wedding knot delighting and pleasurable. There are so many other ideas upload every day in Pinterest. You can take help and plan to make the wedding cake decoration as per. Hope you like this article and share it with others who are in a great need of it.

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