classic and delicious cake ideas for france

Top 11 Classic and Delicious Cake Ideas for France

French people have always proven that they do take their desserts seriously. It’s not about just a cake for them, they have much more to show you and amaze you with their love for sweetness. Here are some of the classical 11 cake and delicious cake ideas from France that you can order cake online.



This tiny and the tempting Baba Au Rhum is a yeast-leavened cake. These cakes are baked in small cylindrical molds. What makes this cake unique is after it is baked, it is soaked in rum. It is made luxurious with the whipped cream or pastry cream on the top. If you are a rum lover than this has to be definitely your piece of cake.


This classical holiday cake is known as Yule logs here on the streets, but in France, it is typically known as Buche de Noel. This is one of the traditional cake recipes rolled with the whipped cream or buttercream. The cake is finished with the chocolate buttercream. It resembles tree bark and is topped with marzipan leaves or meringue mushrooms. There are endless modern versions of this cake with a variety of flavor combo. You can now easily get the online cake delivery in France on your special day.



Charlotte is less of a strict recipe and more of technical cake with the technical skills that present the whole cake. Cake paned is lined with cookies and fillings. The filling of the cake is full of whipped cream, fruit jam, and fresh fruits topping. This cake is easily available online to get it delivered to your special one’s birthday.


If you wish to try something new time in deserts with a mix combination of tastes then here it is. The most famous layered cake for France will leave you speechless. Dacquoise is a layered cake that contains a combination of finely chopped nuts; they are filled with cream and berries for a rustic dessert and layers within the intricate entremets-style cakes. If you wish to taste this, you must order cake online and make the celebration even grander because of much of hassle.


A strawberry lover will defiantly find its favorite cake with this Fraisier.  This one os the bright cherry celebration for the summer hotness! With the layers of genoise cake, ice-cream Mussolini and the signature row of sliced strawberries around the bottom of the cake completes the whole temptation. The cake can be topped with a variety of things which can be whipped cream, jam, fruit slices, and fresh strawberries.


This one is less of toppings and more of fillings. Gateau Basque is a cake that France shares with the same region name in Spain. This one is a classic treat which consists of firm cake dough filled with pastry cream. Apart from this, you can find combinations of fillings like jam, fruits, and chocolates.


Another version of the delicious layered cake is the Paris Brest. It consists of a ring of pate a choux dough which is filled with hazelnut praline cream. Topped with toasted sliced almond it perfectly has the mix taste of creamy, softness and crunchiness.  Don’t go with the name, it might sound saucy but it is not! The shape of this pastry is a wheel shape which was named after the Paris Brest bicycle race.


This rich gems cake is a perfect tea party dessert!these are tiny cubes of the cake with the varieties. They can be found in any shape. Petit Fours includes layers of pound cake, JA, buttercream and favorite topping. The crispiness is added with the sweet icings and the gems coating.


 This one is the custard cake traditionally baked with cherries. It is one of the best rustic cakes for any occasion. With the clafoutis yummy desert, send birthday cake to France to your loved ones to covey your inner feelings. If you are searching for an easier cake recipe then you have found it here. Clafoutis is one of the easiest cake to bake and tastes the best! You can easily get this one online store with the easy delivery or else find out the recipe and bake it in your own way!



The literal translation of “Mille Feuille” is “Thousand Sheets”/ this cake can also be called Napoleon. This cake is a significant version of layered desserts which is a puff pastry filled with cream and topped with marbled chocolates and vanilla icing.  You can add the number of your favorites like jam, fruits, nuts, buttercream, and mousses.


To all those who are coffee and chocolate lovers here is the opera cake that will rightly satisfy your craving for deserts. This cake is a recipe of pastry with the coffee-soaked almond sponge cake. Coffee buttercream and ganache with the topping of chocolate glaze is all you will get.

With these top classic and delicious cake ideas, you can now convey your greetings from far to the concerned with pride who are in France. Even though you are not in France, choose these ideas to make the recipient happier. Gift a token of love by sending the yummy cake through hassle free and reliable online services.

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