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Top 7 Delicious Ways to Use Edible Flowers in Food

Top 7 Delicious Ways to Use Edible Flowers in Food

Do not just flowers pop in flower vase but let them also pop in the oven. Edible flowers are becoming very popular and they are being used in so many different cuisines from cakes, salads, jellies, and whatnot. Flowers like carnations, day lily, and Nasturtium have good body cleansing properties. Thus their petals are used as attractive garnishes. It is also known that medieval monks used Calendula in their cooking pots and the Victorians used top desserts with Violets for its elegance. Thus we are here with some top 7 delicious ways to Edible Flowers in Food.

Edible flowers have a long culinary history and flowers have been used in the kitchen since time immemorial. Modern chefs have given edible flowers a place in modern cuisines too. Microgreens as well as baby leaves have conquered the cooking world of professional chefs and cooks. Flowers are not only accepted as a garnish but also used as an integral part of the dish for its flavor and texture.

1] Flowerfetti Cake

Flowerfetti Cake

This cake is inspired by Great Britain’s Bake-off Botanical week and a colorful flower petal confetti cake is baked. This is a perfect cake for any special occasions and it looks like a rainbow showstopper because various colored petals are decorated on the cake. You can have this cake for a wedding anniversary to remind you of the big day and the confetti that got everywhere on a special day. You can use edible flowers in food and enjoy the delicious and relish of these edible blooms in varieties of food.

2] Violet Flower Cupcakes

Cupcakes are everyone’s favorite dessert, so you can treat everyone at home with these tasty and pretty Violet Flower Cupcakes. These are delicious coconuts treats that topped off with violet buttercream, candied violet, and also a surprise of sweet violet jam inside it. These cupcakes look delicate and airy but at the same time have the crumb and texture of a perfect pound cake.

3] Flower Vinegar

Flower Vinegar

To infuse vinegar and flowers, you will need one-third cup of fresh flowers per one cup of vinegar. You have to store this infusion in a cool and dark place. We will have to use it within a week. This flower vinegar can be used just like the regular vinegar but this one will give an added taste and fragrance to the dishes. Same day flower delivery and treat your dear ones with lovely and fresh blooms for special occasions if you have forgotten to order their gifts prior.

4] Flower Infused Waters

Flower Infused Waters

To make flower-infused waters you will have to collect open edible flowers. First, remove pistils and stamens along with any white pith stem from the flowers. Later boil these flowers in clean water and keep the water in the refrigerator. You have to use this infused water quickly and you can also add a spoonful to beverages or any other liquids. It can also be used to soak or cook oatmeal.

5] Use for Making Tea

Use for Making Tea

If you are a tea drinker and are bored with drinking regular tea. You can try making tea with edible flowers. I would have heard of so many flower teas like chamomile tea. Rosehip tea, lavender tea these ones are very popular flower teas. You can also try Echinacea tea that is popular for cold remedy and also hibiscus tea and bee balm tree. So now on don’t just don’t appreciate the beauty of blooms but also its taste.

6] Make Flower Cocktails

Make Flower Cocktails

A fresh flower in your cocktail will make your cocktail look good as well as taste good. You can infuse spirits with water. Make sure you do infusions with spirits that do not have much flavor and Vodka is an easy candidate for the flower infusion. But it doesn’t mean you cannot try it with other spirits like gin and even bourbon. Make flower delivery online to your friends and relatives for their special day to convey your greetings.

7] Make Lollipops

Make Lollipops

You can give the twist to regular lollipops by making them floral lollipops. For making these floral lollipops you have to pop a viola flower head or petal in hot candy and also add a lolly stick. This way you can use flowers or petals and hot candy of your choice. This way you can have the most gorgeous sweet treat and trust us it is too pretty to eat. These are some of the most delicious ways to use flowers in food and desserts. Which will not only make the dishes taste good but also look good.

We hope you all will love these top 7 delicious ways to use edible flowers in food.

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