Top 8 Cake Trends For You To Lookout In 2022

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In the early days, the cake was ordered only on birthdays, but nowadays the trend has revolutionized. These days people order cakes on every occasion. This has led to the discovery of various varieties of cakes. Nowadays, bakery outlets and online stores have made cake delivery in USA so much easier. It takes hardly a few seconds to place an order.  The industry has seen a lot of change over the past few years and is only continuing to evolve. As a result, the future of the decorating and cake industry looks incredibly bright. This has enabled many new and exciting trends to emerge, which have the potential to become the next big thing.

One of the biggest trends in the industry is exploring the potential of 3D printing in the catering industry.

As the generation is growing, the cake trends are also increasing. This article will cover the Top Cake Trends in 2022 that you should look out for.

Lunch Box Cakes

The difference between lunch box cakes and larger decorated cakes is that the former is packaged in adorable little take-out boxes. The cakes are typically minimalist in design but have vibrant, playful colors. Because providing this size is ideal for many occasions, this trend is popular among home bakers.

Arch Cakes

Arch Cakes

The arch cake trend has been sweeping the cake world in recent months. Like any other cake, these cakes are stacked with layers of cake and buttercream filling. But they are very different in appearance. Half of a round cake is put on top of this vertical cake shape, which has a narrow rectangle-shaped base, to give it the formation of an arch.

With its elegant minimalist design, we anticipate that this cake shape will be around for a while, especially as these aesthetics gain more and more traction. Many creators have put their spin on this trend.

Dried Floral Bouquets

Dried flower bouquets and cakes are a great way to impact and reach people with your brand. They can be made in any size or shape and come in many colors. This cake is a medium-sized sponge cake, which makes it perfect for serving at a big event. Dried flower bouquets cakes are also a great party cake.

A Dried Floral Bouquets cake made with dried flowers. This light, moist cake is a great blank space for frosting and sprinkles or whatever your desired decoration inside is. Dropping the dried flowers into the cake batter is the simplest way to achieve this look.

Rice Paper Sails Cake Design

Rice Paper Sails Cake Design

One of the famous cake trends is rice paper sails. They can be used to create a stunning abstract wedding cake or resemble waves on a cake with a nautical theme. Vietnamese rice paper sheets were used, and after submerging in water, food gel was used to color them to match the cake. Demonstrate how to work with the rice paper, get it to dry quickly, and add it to your cakes.

Origami Cake Design

Cakes Origami cakes will check the box for a unique cake design if you’re looking for one. The templates for the cakes are hand-made using a sheet of cardstock and some parchment paper. To reveal this geometric cake design, you can fill your template with a whipped ganache, let it set, and then peel the templates away. Not only this but a variety of birthday cake design ideas are listed here.

Watercolor Painting on Cakes

One of our absolute favorite ways to decorate cakes is with watercolor paintings. The 2021 trend of painted cakes continued into 2022, with the watercolor effect taking center stage. Many 3D sugar-paste elements surround the softly painted decoration to frame the painting. In the upcoming months, this cake trend will be one to watch for further development.

Geometrics in the Cake

Geometrics in the Cake

There are numerous sizes and shapes for geometric cake designs. But one thing is sure—as a cake trend in 2022, they are unquestionably here to stay. Simple examples include the tessellated shapes surrounding a cake’s side. You could go all out and create 3D geometric shapes from wafer paper slices. This cake trend is customizable.

Geometric patterns can be used on anything, from simple designs to elaborately decorated cakes. The geometric cake trend will prevail in 2022 because we can incorporate it into wedding and celebration cakes.

Cake Top Forward Cakes

The cake-top-forward trend is starting to take off at the beginning of 2022, so it will be fascinating to watch where it goes. This design will be trendy if you want something unique and fantastic for Instagram.

There are no restrictions on what you can do with this style other than that your cake is turned upside down. Keep it simple, let the shape speak for itself, or combine other 2022 cake trends. The cake-top-forward is a fun one to use!


We hope that these latest cake trend ideas might sound helpful to you. If you are looking for Top Cake Trends in 2022, we have covered them in detail above, which can help you immensely. There are a lot more than this. Please stay connected with us to know more about different cake ideas.