Top 8 Delicious Cakes to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

The celebration of one special day each year comes to everyone’s life. That is our birthdays. But if you are lucky, two days come every year that you wait to celebrate. The other one is your wedding anniversary. On this particular day, each couple remembers their wedding day and cherishes celebrations. Celebrations are incomplete without party and cakes. Cakes turn the party vibe on in everyone’s life. So, here are some top delicious cake ideas to celebrate your wedding anniversary in a yummy way.


1) Toasted Almond Cake

This is a classic cake to make your wedding anniversary celebration a remembering one. Toasted almond is a taste that anyone will want to have once he/he tastes it. If toasted almond is the treat for your taste buds, then the mascarpone cream will be the one for the eye. This cake looks so simple yet it can make your celebration grandest. Toasted almond cake is available in a different number of layers. Order one according to the guest list. If your better half is fond of nuts, this cake can make her/him go nuts as well.


2) Pistachio Cake

Pistachio cake is one of the best creamy delights you can have on your wedding anniversary occasion. The crunchy pistachios bring a twist to the cake. The honey butter crème is the best compliment for this cake. The mouth melting honey butter crème will leave the guests to want for more. The sweet taste of honey and the salty taste of butter give the crunchy cake a unique flavor. White edible floral decoration will look good on top of this dark shade cake. If you want to get the best quality cakes, order cakes online. This cake is a hit anniversary brunch celebration.


3) Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is the best tastemaker for any party. As this party is to celebrate love with your forever partner, you should order the cake in the heart shape. A heart shape chocolate cake is the simplest way to make any celebration grand. You can do some decorations on the top of the cake with crème. As the base of the cake is chocolate, vanilla crème will go well. Presence of this cake at the party will bring a smile to everyone’s mouth. Chocolate is a favorite delicacy for all the ages.


4) Butterscotch Cake

If your love is in love with rich crème desserts, and then a butterscotch cake can get the job done. This butterscotch cake is one of the tastiest ordered delicacies for occasions. The cake base is sweet while to butter is salty which makes an ideal taste. The crunchy bite of butterscotch cake will take your beloved to some other place. As the butterscotch cake is creamy, it will be a great choice of smashing cake. Any celebration with a cake ends on a perfect tone with cake smashing on closest people. This can turn the whole mood of the party into a laughter one.


5) Red Velvet Cake

A decadent cake smashed with vanilla crème is the perfect definition of a yummy red velvet cake. Decoration with cheese frosting and rumbles make this cake the best wedding anniversary gifts. The eye-popping color comes from the smooth blending of cocoa powder and buttermilk. If your sweet-heart is faint is the name of taste and look, this cake is the perfect one to search for on this anniversary. Also, a red velvet cake has a sensual side of it for its glamorous look and finger-licking taste.


6) Mini Chocolate Lovers Cupcakes

This cake idea is of a bunch of cupcakes that can fulfill the mind and the appetite as well. The varieties include Chocolate peppermint and peanut butter cup. German chocolate and chocolate caramel with blackout will bring a wider smile on face. If the party is a small house party, this cake idea is ideal for anniversary celebrations. Send anniversary cake online if your love is not there on this special day.


We all love to collect memory pebbles for life. There are many some gem moments in our life. The anniversary party is one of such gems. The above are the best cake ideas to add more memory to the remarkable occasion. Good food always makes the parties better.


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