Trending V/S Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas – Which one Better?

Trending V/S Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas - Which one Better?

We all celebrate some beautiful and mile-stone moments in our life which becomes a memory to us. We all love to live and relive those magical moments. One of them is marriage- the beginning of the new chapter in our life with a new person. And every year we celebrate this day as an anniversary to rejoice the fruitful moments of togetherness. Now, to spread greetings, we choose gifts. As days are modifying, so are the gift ideas. So, here is a comparative discussion on whether the trending gifts are better or the unique anniversary ones.

Trending Anniversary Gifts

Gift ideas and patterns change with changing times. So, here are some most trending 21st century anniversary gifts.

A) Bouquet of Flowers or Roses

Bouquet of Flowers or Roses

Just because people are getting busier and busier in their lifestyle, they get the smallest time to think about gifts before attending an occasion. An available convenient gift is these floral bouquets and you can buy flowers online in quality. A flower is the manifestation of expression that no other gifts can express. As it is a pure love occasion, you can send a bouquet of roses as well. We always say that small is not enough; this gift idea challenges this notion. Flowers are more than enough to greet a person.

B) A Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates

A Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates

An ecstatic delicacy has made its place permanent in the gift list. Before people believed that chocolate isn’t worthy enough as a gift. But now, people have understood that it is not the price tag but the emotion attached to it. Everyone loves chocolates and it would be the best gift to send to someone to wish on their special days. Again for the occasion is love, a heart-shaped imported or indigenous box of chocolates will rock.

C) Set of Perfumes

Set of Perfumes

Before, people were not this much dynamic about people’s choices. They have always aimed for gifts that show; now the trend has shifted into something abstract. Now, people focus on feels- they choose gifts that will make the person happy first over the other persons. So, the anniversary is an occasion where we greet two soul-mates better halves of each other. Like many other things, they have their favorite smell as well. So, that can be an amazing trending anniversary gift.

D) Designer Jewelry

Designer Jewelry

Jewelry has always been a gift for occasions where women are to be greeted. The same importance of the jewelry has been maintaining but the essence has grown bigger. Now, we gift jewelry for the couple, not to the woman. Also, designer jewelry is very easy to handle than conventional jewelry. Designer jewelry also is than conventional jewelry. Another positive side is you can get it ready-made at affordable prices while conventional jewelry is costly and takes a lot of time to be made. And the designs of this jewelry are very much subtle, suitable to wear with anything- casual and ethnic.

Unique Anniversary Gifts

Now here is a list of unique anniversary gifts that might not be trending but carries the best essence of the occasion.

A) Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

A gift is the only thing that remains with the pictures and memoirs. So, when someone is gifting something special to their beloved, it can be an efficient way to keep the person remembering you. So, whatever thing you gift, you can personalize it by craving initials of the recipient and the sender. Thus the thing remains forever to the person and you remain forever in their hearts.

B) Coffee Mug Set

Coffee Mug Set

The kind of time we are living, apart from our manual partner, there is another invisible and abstract persistent partner with us in life-stress. So, as a stress buster coffee is our regular and anytime companion. A couple that eats, drinks together, stays together. You can gift a set of customized coffee mugs for your beloved and respected couple. It will be best if presto with their favorite picture on them. Even if you are abroad and cannot physically attend their anniversary, you can opt to send anniversary gifts online as well.

C) Mason Jar Set with a Lovable Message

Mason Jar Set with a Lovable Message

This is a unique choice of gift. Living in a life full of toxic negativity around, we need something that spreads love unabashedly. So, for the couple, a mason jar filled with everyday small yet strong love messages will be a very thoughtful and unique gift. In a time of crisis, the couple would know that they have someone to rely on. And it is an achievement in a world like this. This concept of the idea is derived from the concept of fortune cookies. It might not be a trending gift idea but is certainly a special one.

D) Beautiful Wall Art

Beautiful Wall Art

The discussion on trending V/S unique anniversary gift will be never-ending, but the choice is always yours. And if you want to overcome by choosing a gift, then a wall-art is the best gift. It is trending as an interior decorating prop. Also, it is unique because it helps to express the person’s taste of art as well. So, it will be a perfect anniversary gift for the couple.

Gifts might differ and moderate with day and time, but what remains the same is they are one of the most reliable ways to carry the essence of the occasion. So, both trending, as well as unique gifts for anniversary, is worthy enough; what it takes is your choice. Trending gifts can be useful, but unique gifts are heartful.

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