Types Of Wine You Must Be Aware Of Before Buying

Types Of Wine

There are so many different types of wines. And each wine has its own characteristics which makes it suitable for different celebrations. Also, wine is a staple at every event, celebration or gathering. If you are a newbie to the world of wines, you would be perplexed when you have to choose wine for any reason. It is because there is a sheer volume of wine varieties that makes it overwhelming. From thousands of wines, how will you know which wine is good? Thus in this post, we will give you a basic overview of different types of wine. So the next time you have to buy a wine you don’t have to panic and can choose the best type of wine for yourself or for your dear ones.

  1. Red Wine

Red Wine

These wines have reddish hues which range from deep dark maroon to light crimson. The production process of this wine involves the use of whole fruit, including the skin with pip and fermentation of its seeds. The grapes are fermented at higher temperatures to extract more colour. Get to know about different types of wine popular around the world and savour your taste buds with wines.

Pinot Noir - Merlot

  • Pinot Noir

These light-bodied red wines are fermented along the skin. But the grapes have thinner coats and bright colour that results in wines with fewer tannins. The most famous light-bodied red wine is Pinot Noir.

  • Merlot

This kind of wine goes well with any kind of dish and thus it is the safest choice for a party. It has moderate acidity, good levels of tannin and a fruity aroma that resembles red fruits.

  1. White Wine

White Wine

It is a misconception that white wine is made only from white grapes. The fact is they also use red or black grapes in making white wine. They remove the red pigment from red and black grapes to make white wine. White wine is bright, savoury and creamy. White wines are best paired with white bread, seafood, white meat and salads. You can find out about the best types of wine and gift them to your friends and relatives on special days.

Chardonnay - Riesling

  • Chardonnay

This wine is a full-bodied white wine and that is usually aged for three to ten years in oak barrels. These wines go for the second fermentation and have a distinguishable vanilla and coconut note. You can best pair these wines with poultry, cheese, risotto, seafood etc. These wines are quite expensive though.

  • Riesling

Riseling is an aromatic white wine. It is sweet, floral, fruity, aromatic and has a bit of sugar to balance the acidity and bitterness. This wine is made with the white grape that originates in the Rhine region. These wines are usually pure and seldom oaked and it is also a low alcohol content wine.

  1. Rose Wine

Rose Wine

This is a light pinkish wine that is made from red or black grapes but with short fermentation. One more method to make pink wine is to mix white and pink wine together. The colour of Rose wine ranges from very light to dark pink and the flavour also ranges from dry to sweet. It can best pair with dishes like fish, chicken and even fruits. Check out ideas on wine storage to carefully store your wine for a long period of time.

  1. Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Wine

This type of wine is the most popular for celebratory occasions and events. People love to raise toasts with sparkling wine and its amber colour is reminiscent of happy times. The bubbles in the wine are actually carbon dioxide particles. During the fermentation process, these bubbles get absorb into the wine and in some wines, they also occur naturally. You can even send gift baskets online to a gift store and surprise your near and dear ones with them. They are full to the brim with nice wine and wine treats.

  1. Fortified Wine

Fortified Wine

Fortified wines have spirits like brandy added to them during the fermentation process. These wines are sweetened by alcohol. And the ones with lower alcohol content are dessert wines and can pair well with desserts. You can pair them with baked items like tarts, chocolates, cheese, nuts etc,. These fortified wines have a higher content of alcohol than regular wines. The starter picks of this kind of wine are Port, Sherry, Marsala and Madeira. You can get tips to buy wine for your birthday to surprise your loved ones with the best wine varieties.

  1. Dessert Wine

Dessert Wine

Just like the name suggests these wines are very sweet and you can take them after a meal. These wines pair best with soft cheeses, cake, vanilla pudding, biscotti, chocolate and crème Brulee. If you are new to these wines you can try Icewine and Moscato. They are a few of the best dessert wines that you will enjoy whether you are a wine drinker or not. Order wine online from our gift store and treat your loved ones with wine gifts on special occasions.

We hope this content will give you insights on different types of wine which you should know before buying the same.

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