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UK: 7 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the time of Quarantine

UK: 7 Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the time of Quarantine

This is the season of love and we need to plan this day with so many romantic activities. With covid in the air, most of us will have to spend this day at home or in Quarantine and this limits our ways to celebrate this day of love. Moreover, one plus point of being home is that you can celebrate this Valentines Day not just with your partner but also with your whole family. After all, we love all our family members. If you want to have an over-the-top celebration at the rime of Quarantine, make it as festive as possible. You can wear matching outfits, recreate your first date or surprise your special one with breakfast in bed and so many other such ideas.

The more thought you will put into the day, the more special the day will be for you and your partner. There is so much more than just exchanging the gift with your partner and thus we have got you covered with all. So we are here with some of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during the time of Quarantine. Order gifts online from our gift store and delight your near and dear ones with amazing gifts on their special occasions to convey your greetings.

  1. Send a Valentine’s Gift

This is the best and one of the most important things to make your dear one feel special on Valentine’s Day. If you are not able to meet them due to Quarantine, you can simply send a well-thought gift that would express your heartiest feelings and love to them. There are so many romantic gifts from chocolates to flowers to jewelry so choose whatever you feel the best to delight your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Make Valentine Gift Delivery UK from our online gift site and surprise your special one in the UK with one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

  1. Write a Love Letter

Write a Love Letter

If you are with your partner or away from them, there is nothing more romantic than sending them a love letter. You can make this love letter personal by including all the reasons you love them. You can even enlist all your favorite memories with them and make them relive the same whenever they wish to. This kind of gift will be a keepsake for the years to come.

  1. Pop a bottle of Champagne

Being in love is a reason to celebrate and even a bigger reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So you can pull out the nice or customized glasses of wine to pour out for romance. This way you can cheer with a heartfelt Valentine’s Day. You can even raise a toast for your beloved and your love for her. With this, you can spend some quality time with your partner and create some beautiful moments on the day of love.

  1. Bake Heart-shaped Treats

Bake Heart-shaped Treats

Treat your special one with some sweetness this Valentine’s Day. Handmade with love gifts are always the best to express your feelings to your dear one. Thus these heart-shaped cookies are a perfect choice. You can make these cookies and also use stencils and icing sugar to spell out different messages.

  1. Do a wine Tasting at Home

If you are looking for some activity to do on Valentines Day then this one is highly recommended if you and your partner love sipping wine. You can get a few wine bottles online and also set up a few glasses. You can even print out a quick scorecard sip each one and score it on taste. Later see the results. It is really a fun way to spend Valentine’s Day with your beloved as well as loved ones. Send wine for Valentine’s Day to your beloved and celebrate this occasion of love sipping wine together.

  1. Take an online fitness class

Take an online fitness class

You want to spend your whole life with your boo and for that, both of you need to be fit and fine. So why not take an online fitness class with your partner. It can be like boxing basics to shadow boxing or even high-intensity bodyweight functional training. This is one of the best and most thoughtful ways to spend time with your partner and also to get fitter.

  1. Re-create your first date at home

To make this day fun and memorable, you can recreate your first date at home. Though you cannot go out to some fancy restaurant or café you can at least create the whole setup like your first date at home. Omit, go back to where it all started but from home. You can create a sloppy college bar vibe at home or make your first drinks all over which will surely rekindle those initial sparks. You can get unique Valentine’s Day gifts for UK couples and send in your wishes to them for Valentines Day through these amazing and unique gifts for the day of love.

We hope these ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during Quarantine are just perfect.

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