Unique birthday party theme for this spring season

Unique Birthday Party Theme for This Spring Season

Birthdays are more than special and so is spring. Both when brought together evoke the spirit of jubilation which calls for a party which should stand out from all other run of the mill parties held on an annual or monthly basis. It is no wonder that all you party animals around the world eagerly look forward to spring for blasting up the party season. What can be a better cause for partying with blooming flowers, clear blue sky and cool breeze swaying your mood into happiness? If you are running out of ideas for a birthday party theme to throw your party these few ideas will aid you along:

Decorative Ideas

Decorative ideas

The season of spring showers us with immense flowers and vegetation. Be sure to make good and efficient use of that. Brighten up the décor with pretty colours alternated with splashes of green. Your party may be held in the indoors or outdoors, flowers are always potential mood-lifters and trend-setters. Bring in the tulips and orchids for decorating centerpieces while lilies and daffodils will welcome your guests to join the occasion. Make sure you don’t forget the lush greens to contrast your flowers. If you cannot make it to the part, you can always send birthday flowers for your loved one as a token of love.

Springtime Foods

Springtime foods

With all the vegetation come exquisite foods too appealing to resist. Think of some new items you can incorporate in your menus with the variety of ingredients available. When it comes to spring vegetables the dish that first rings a bell is fruit and veggie salad. That frizzed in rich mayo and white sauce is just sinfully good. Not to mention the decadent desserts made out of nuts and dark chocolate which are on a hike in the season of spring. Since summer is just rough around the corner you might as well include refreshing mocktails and appetizing sandwiches to appease the guests. If it’s a birthday you may place an order online for birthday cake delivery.

Party Games

Party games

A party without a game is a flower without its fragrance. Rejuvenate your spirit with some fun games this season. Contrary to what you are made to believe, games are not kid-centered. Everyone should have the liberty to lose themselves in the playful bliss of outdoor games. Break the piñata, run into the sole chair and throw the balls in indefinite directions! In short: feel alive. There is nothing more engaging than games at a party. This will keep not only the kids but also the adults occupied with fun and frolic so much so, that they would not want to leave.

Crafts and Activities

Crafts and activities

Add creativity and innovation to your party to make it memorable and all the more invigorating. As the season of spring showers heavenly benediction with the fine weather and the vibrant nature, it calls for boosting up the creative genius in you. Arrange some activities for the party which is both fun and worthwhile. Top favorites of which include:

  • Mini gardens – these are tiny take-home gardens in which the guests plant themselves to be taken back at home as a little return gift.
  • Crafting craze – arrange for some raw materials and kids can make bracelets, neckpieces, or anything their creativity permits, with them as a token of gift.
  • Paper art – the easiest and most inexpensive of activities, this requires nothing more than a bunch full of art papers, some colors, and scissors. Paper creates better art than anything else.
  • Flower garlands and chains – just the name is suggestive of some quality leisure time and who doesn’t like leisurely activities at a party?


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