Unique Halloween Flower Arrangement Ideas in USA

It is almost November and the occasion of Halloween is knocking at the door. Every year, people especially the children wait long for this occasion to arrive. This festival sounds scary but turns out to be very funny. Like other occasions, people celebrate this occasion by sending gifts to each other. Talking about gifts, how can you ignore the best gift for all the occasions?-It is the flowers. Here are some unique Halloween flower arrangement ideas in the USA.

1) Flowers in a Vampire Vase

Flowers in a Vampire Vase

Vampires are one of the symbolic figures of Halloween besides pumpkin. A vampire skull and a Dracula hat are two of the most popular themes of Halloween. These themes look perfect on flower vases as well. A violet color skull will look good on the vase as it is the prime color of Halloween. Halloween is all about denser colors. So in this perfect violet vampire vase, deep red color flowers will look dashing as your home décor. It is not necessary to be ‘red’, but it can be daisies and tulips as well. Blood red orchids look stunning but they are very rare to find.

2) Skull Floral Centerpiece

Skull Floral Centerpiece

Skull is the prime part of any animate thing. So, this particular replica of the body part has huge importance in Halloween. In a more common manner, hanging skulls and design chairs are very famous as Halloween props. But, this time you can add some other unique flavor to your floral Halloween decoration. Make a white skull your flower vase. Then put bigger flowers in them. As you keep the bigger flower as the centerpiece, you might need some filler flowers as well. To make the flowers fit inside the skull vase, put floral foams inside.

3) Orange and Black Combo Flowers & Vase

Orange and Black Combo Flowers & Vase

Both orange and black are two of the most reflective colors of halloween flower. Now you can choose orange flowers very easily, but the black flower is difficult to find. So, we can go for orange lilies on a bouquet to put inside a transparent glass flower vase. But to make the best combination of orange and black, black paper cut bats will match well. The black paper cutting can include bats and skull shape cuttings. Such a decorative floral arrangement will make your Halloween a unique celebration among all.

4) Scary Spider Web Vase with Flowers

Scary Spider Web Vase with Flowers

Halloween is creepy and spiders are the symbol of utter creepiness. So, this Halloween makes it look like a creepy celebration. Stick plastic and paper spiders on black color vases to give it the eerie look. Then put the purple floral bouquet inside the vase. Now to make it real, but the black dyed vase on a black netted cheesecloth cut in cob-web shape.

5) Pumpkin Halloween Vase

Pumpkin Halloween Vase

Pumpkin is the heart of Halloween. You can use pumpkin in Halloween in any manner you want. It is a very good decorative prop. It is a very good base to create creative lightning for Halloween. But a pumpkin as a flower vase in Halloween is an extraordinary idea. You can turn a faux pumpkin into a beautiful flower vase by spray painting it with orange and black color. Then fill adequate flower food inside like watery sand to stick the flower bouquet.

6) Haunted House Bouquet

Haunted House Bouquet

This is the unique halloween gift for your close ones. It includes a bunch of orange Gerberas and maroon miniature carnations. Curly willow and seeded eucalyptus look great with brown oak leaves. And it is a small cute pumpkin that carries all the arrangements.

Halloween is all about spookiness and scary decors. But flowers are such that they can turn even an eerie occasion beautiful with their presence. Above are the unique ways to turn your Halloween decoration beautiful with flowers.

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