Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day in Italy: Celebrate your love in this Romantic Country

Valentine’s Day in Italy: Celebrate your love in this Romantic Country

Italians celebrate this day in so many ways, they greet their partners with beautiful and romantic blooms. They even plan romantic dinners and present each other chocolates. There is this renowned chocolate maker in Italy that makes a special edition of chocolate for Valentine’s Day. The foil wrapper of the chocolate has a love note or a romantic phrase on it. The two most romantic places in Italy are Florence and Venice as well as Verona where Romeo and Juliet celebrated Valentine’s Day. Buy Valentine’s Day gift online from our online gift store and surprise the love of your life with romantic gifts for the special day. You would see heart-shaped lanterns illuminated in the streets, there are free concerts on this day and also a contest to write the most romantic love letter.

  • History of Valentine’s Day in Italy

History of Valentine’s Day in Italy

Valentine’s Day is an age-old tradition and in Italy is known as San Valentino or festa degli innamorati which translates today of lovers. Actually, Valentine’s Day originated in Italy. 14th February is actually the day when Juno the Queen of Roman Gods and Goddesses as well as women and marriage was celebrated. Then came the tale of the legend of a man called Saint Valentine who defied the order of the emperor to ban marriages during the time of war and secretly married people. When this secret was discovered, he was put to death, and this way this day came to be celebrated.

  • Locks of Love or Lucchetti dell’Amore

Locks of Love or Lucchetti dell’Amore

You would have seen bridges and railings covered with locks and the young lovers attach padlocks and then throw away the key to show that their love is eternal and unbreakable. This Locks of love signifies everlasting love for each other. This tradition in Italy started so many years back, people also inscribe their name or initials on the love. This kind of activity suggests that the couple will be together forever and their love has no bounds. You would see this act in so many movies and also in one of the bestselling books which popularized this even more.

  • Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy

  1. The city of Love

Verona is one of the most romantic places in Italy and it is called the city of love like this is the place of Romeo and Juliet. They loved each other endlessly and tragically ended up making this city the pilgrimage of love. There is Juliet’s balcony which is one of the most visited places here. People also write letters to Juliet mentioning the name of their partner and it is believed that Juliet will get them their true love.

  1. Enjoying Italian cuisine

Everyone nowadays is a foodie. They are food lovers first and then the lover of their partners. You can choose from a variety of foods and Italian cuisine is famous for its rich flavor. So you can have a romantic candlelight dinner with your Valentine and enjoy the amazing evening. There are so many Italian signature dishes you can try and reminisce about this day years after.

  1. A romantic walk through the city

You can take a romantic walk through the roads of Italy hand in hand with your lover. This is one of the most romantic ways to celebrate this special day with your partner. Italy has some amazing old streets which will surely mesmerize the couple by history and culture. The couple can soak in the ambiance of the city and even the city is alight at night.

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Italian Couple mostly prefer to give each otherValentine’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Love notes & Flowers

Though this might not seem a groundbreaking idea, true love can be conveyed through love notes and flowers. These two are one of the best and most traditional ways to convey love to your special one. The couples there write a handwritten note to their partner expressing their feelings and they add a few romantic flowers to the same that will help to express their feelings. Make Valentine’s flower delivery Italy to your special one living miles away from you and convey your heartiest feelings through gorgeous and colorful blooms.

  1. Love Lock

Couples in Italy follow this tradition of buying a padlock, writing their initials on it, and locking it to a bridge or gate forever. Later they throw the key away so that they and their partner are locked together for life. The young couple attaches a padlock to Rome’s Ponte Milvio Bridge.

  1. Chocolates

Italy has one very famous chocolate brand and they make amazing chocolates for this festival of love. So if you are set on giving a gift that is inspired by Italy then it is baci chocolates. These chocolates are very popular amongst couples in Italy and you would also find an Italian love note inside it, so your love will also be conveyed to your special one.

  1. Heart shape Balloons

Not Italy but the whole world celebrates this day with balloons. Balloons are one of the most cheerful gifts and they can bring a wide smile to anyone. Anyone would get happy looking at the balloons. So you can surprise your special one with heart-shaped balloons. The couples in Italy surprise their partner with heart-shaped balloons and they even decorate their home with these romantic red heart-shaped balloons to make this day very memorable. You can make online balloon delivery to Italy to your loved ones and bring a wide smile to their face with these cheerful balloons.


  • Best city to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy

Best city to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Italy

  1. Venice

This city is a romantic city year-round and we are sure you won’t be disappointed for Valentine’s Day. You can take a Gondola ride down the Grand Canal and enjoy the small side streets and can also have an intimate meal at a cozy restaurant. Sometimes Valentine’s Day might also coincide with the city’s Carneval celebration. Thus you will have one of the best Valentine’s Day if you happen to be in this city for Valentine’s Day.

  1. Verona

There is a love festival in Verona for the month of February. You will also find a love-themed heart-shaped market in Piazza Dei Signori. There will be live music plus you can have interactive guided tours. There are theatrical performances, special shows of romantic movies, romance-themed dinners, Romeo and Juliet’s Kisses cookie. The place that receives special attention during this festival is Juliet’s balcony, you can even catch a proposal on her balcony.

  1. Terni

Terni is home to Saint Valentine where Festa di San Valentino celebrates this holiday. The combo of chocolate and Valentine is just perfect so here you can enjoy the Cioccolentino festival or join St. Valentine’s marathon. You can also visit St. Valentine’s market or go to concerts to sing romantic songs to your partner and visit the relics of San Valentino.

  1. Rome

Rome has seeped romance on Valentine’s Day as well as other days even without trying. You can stroll hand in hand by the side of the Roman Forum or the Colosseum. You can even rent a Vespa and ride it around the city together with your love. Other romantic activities to do in Rome includes throwing a coin into Trevi Fountain or tucking into a small café for a coffee date, having a romantic dinner at a rooftop restaurant, or going for a walk in the Villa Borghese Gardens. Make Valentine gift delivery Rome to your loved one living there and let the gift convey your love and affection to them on this special day of celebrating love and togetherness.

We hope now you have all the insights to celebrating Valentine’s Day with your love in the Romantic country of Italy.

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