Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day: Perfect Wine for Celebrate the Season of Love

It is the last week of January. February is knocking at the door. It did not take a wink of an eye for January to pass. And lovers are at the last moment preparing for Valentine’s Day. February is an important month for lovers. On 14th February, the whole world celebrates Universal Love Day. The best way to make this special day celebration remarkable is your love and a bottle of fine wine. Here are the best varieties of wine to celebrate the season of love. On Valentine’s Day, many online sites provide wine delivery for Valentine’s Day in USA.

  • Red Wine

The most popular wine variety around the world is red wine. Here are the best red wines to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Newton Unfiltered Merlot

This bottle of fine wine is very brooding and rich in taste. Newton’s unfiltered merlot has earthy and spicy notes. It gives around and warming finish when paired with cocoa flavors and coffee. Sometimes caramel also mingles well. Or a bold pairing like beef Bourgogne or a vegetable dish would make a remarkable taste. To make your celebration more remarkable, you can order red wine online.

Tenuta Luce Lucente

Grapes for red wines grow in different parts of the world. And the tastes are different as well. Tenuta Luce Lucente is the best wine processed from Tuscany grapes. It is a mixed wine. A blend of Sangiovese with Merlot is all one needs to make this fine bottle. It tastes so soft and delicate that it resembles Amore or love in a glass from Italy. The delicious notes of spices and red berry make it taste like heaven. Your love would create some lovely memory with a bottle of this and you. The notes of red licorice are very prominent by the end of the drink.

  • White Wine

The second most popular wine in the world is white wine. The varieties of white wine to celebrate love day are below-

Donnhoff Riesling Trocken 2014

White wines are best from Germany. This bottle is the finest German wine for your beloved on this special day of love. With soft acidity, Riesling is neither too dry nor too sweet. It is full of rich minerals and juicy fruits. The dry and the herbal notes make it pair best with some delicious dishes. Asian non-veg food items like chicken, salmon, and tuna taste perfect.

Robertson Winery

This white wine comes from the best South African vineyards. It comes from the East of Cape Town. This Robertson winery produces sweet wine from the grape Chardonnay and Shiraz. But the white wine comes from harvested Colombard, Chenin Blanc, and Muscadel grapes. It is a healthy wine for your lover. The wine varieties contain the lowest amount of alcohol in them. Robertson winery sells the most popular Valentine’s Day wines around the whole world.

  • Rose Wine

There are ample varieties of wines available in the market. Rose wine is a very trending variety on the occasion of love. Here are the best Rose wines to celebrate the season of love.

Les Hauts de Janeil Syrah Rosé 2015

The occasion of love is incomplete without rose sparkle in the drink. The Syrah Rose is full of the aroma of fruity delights of peach and strawberry. The flavor gets completion with the true essence of honey and grapefruit. This rose wine is very acidic and dry. The best part of this wine is it pairs well with any dish. If your beloved is away on Valentine’s Day, you can send romantic gifts online.

Côtes de Provence Rosé

This Rose wine is perfect for Valentine’s Day celebration. Since Valentine’s Day celebrates every form of love, this would make your girl gang’s celebration a blast. Provence Rose is a delightful rose wine available in France. The top layer consists of the aroma of rose. The middle and the last note spread the essence of fruity blasts. There is strawberry and cherry with peach fruit extracts in the bottle. With a platter full of non-veg dishes like chicken and fish, your Galentine’s Day would be ‘perfect’.

  • Sparkling Wine

The newest trend of wine on occasions around the world is this sparkling wine.

Domaine Chandon Brut Classic

A buttery toast is all you need in your bottle of wine. Chandon Brut Classic wine has a smooth and soft rounded flavor. Chandon produces the world-famous sparkling Brut classic wine. The most special flavor of this wine is the reserve of fruity essences. From apple to pear and citrus fruits, this wine will leave the taster craving for more of the wine! With the fruits, the vanilla flavor blends very well. The bubbling texture of Chandon Brut would make your beloved feel special on this Love Day.

Usual Brut

Well, not all Valentine’s Day needs a partner for celebration. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of self-love as well. If you want to love yourself a little more, order this 750 ml bottle of usual Brut sparkling wine. Full of effervescences, the elderflower and lemon taste makes it perfect. A bottle of Usual Brut and a bowl full of creamy white Pasta would be the best combination. For a distant lover, you can astonish your wine lover sweetheart on Valentine’s Day.

Wine makes every celebration vintage and classic. Above are the perfect wines to celebrate the season of your love.

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