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Various Cookies Gift Hamper Ideas to Cherish Taste Buds


Cookies are some of the most delicious treats or desserts out there and not just the kids but even adults love cookies. Whether they are crunchy or chewy, they are always just right amount of delicious as well as sweet. The best part about the cookies is the aroma they make in the kitchen while they are getting baked. Cookies come in wide range of shapes, flavors and textures and the world is better because of it. There are so many different types of cookies and it basically depends on how the cookies are baked. For example there are rolled cookies, drop cookies, flattened cookies, pressed cookies and many more. You won’t believe nowadays one can even get no baked cookies. So, if you are looking for some kind of edible treats for your loved ones or to treat yourself, you must go for cookies they are best. Thus we are here with some of the best cookies gift hamper ideas to surprise your dear ones and also to treat your won taste buds.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Basket

One of the best and the most popular type of cookies are chocolate chip cookies. They are the perennial classic and longtime favorites of fan. They are soft, chewy, crispy and even crunchy. It mostly depends on how they are made and the ingredients used in making those cookies. No matter what they are made of and how they are made, they are completely delicious. These chocolate chip cookies are arranged in a gift basket to make it look more presentable.

Gingerbread Cookies Basket

Gingerbread cookies are ultimate holiday cookies and they are all about the Christmas cheer. These cookies are made with spices galore including cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and molasses. These cookies are made by rolling out of the dough and cutting into different types of shapes like Christmas tree, Bells, Hearts, Stars, Snow man, Santa etc. People even make gingerbread cookies home. Make cookies delivery to your near and dear ones for holiday season or festival and convey your greetings for the same through everyone’s favorite edible treats.

Macaroon Cookies Basket

Macaroons are actually meringue based cookies. They are basically made with almond meal, egg white and powdered sugar. They have a crème ganache in the centre. The cookie shell of the macaroons features a delicate outer crust that houses a chewy meringue texture inside it. These macaroon cookies not only taste good but they also look so good. The beautiful packaging of the basket and it being adorned with a ribbon will make it more special for the recipient.

Easter Cookies Basket

The theme of Easter is bunny. Mostly the Easter cookies are in the shape of bunnies and they are decorated and made of different flavors. There are bunny face heart cookies too. Just like bunnies, carrots are also a great part of Easter as they are related to bunnies. So an Easter Cookie Basket includes bunny, carrot, egg shaped cookies which you can send to your loved ones to spread festive cheer. These Easter themed cookies are beautifully arranged in an Easter themed basket that will help you convey Easter greetings to your dear ones.

Halloween Cookies Basket

Cookies are in centre during Christmas but that doesn’t make Halloween’s cookie game shabby or anything such. Halloween cookies basket usually includes some unusual looking cookies though they would taste perfect. The Halloween Cookies Basket includes witches brew Halloween butter cookies, zombie finger cookies, nutter butter boos, peanut butter spider cookies, gooey monster eye cookies, mummy cookies and other such cookies that might make one scared but once they will eat the cookies it would be all good. Send Gift Basket online to your friends and relatives for their special day and convey your wishes to them for their special day through this versatile gift.

Personalized Cookies Hamper

There are endless possibilities to get cookies designed and decorated according to your choice. You can get cookies in your desired shapes and you can even get them decorated with initials of your dear one. Also get the cookies in your favorite flavor or according to a particular theme. You can decide it looking at the occasion for which you are going to treat it to your loved ones. Moreover these personalized cookies are presented in an adorable cookie jar which will make these treats extra special for your special ones.

Cooking Favor in Wedding

Cookies can be great wedding favors too. You should consider giving away cookies at your wedding because they taste amazing, they are practical, they are adaptable and many more such reasons. Moreover cookies are loved by anyone and everyone also the cookie jars or the baskets they are presented in are reusable. Thus they are definitely a perfect choice as wedding favor so that everyone can enjoy their favorite edible treats.

We hope these various cookies gift hamper ideas are perfect to cherish taste buds of your loved ones and you can greet them with the same for various occasions and festivals.

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