Various Famous Chocolate from European Countries: You’ll Love it

If you are in Europe, you have this opportunity to go directly to the chocolate aisle in the nearest grocery store and grab various famous chocolates. There are people in Europe who are extra passionate about chocolate and there are some of the best brands of chocolates here. Chocolate is a big part of our lives and they sure make this planet a lot sweeter and happier. It doesn’t really matter what your age or gender is and chocolates are all over the place.

But there are still places in the world that produces some finest chocolates and Europe is one of them. Chocolate stores in Europe are flooded with boxes of chocolates and confectionery goodies. There sampling the local chocolate is a part of the travel experience too. Also no matter what an occasion is you do not really need an excuse to reach for a piece of the sweet treat . Thus here we are with some seven countries that make the best and some of the most famous chocolates that you will definitely love it.


The famous Estonian chocolate brand is Kalev chocolate and there’s actually a very cool Kalev chocolate store where you can buy a variety of products ranging from small packaged chocolates like candies to full bars, t-shirts for the true fans and whatnot. This chocolate brand has a big fan base and they have been making chocolates for over 200 years. The favorite flavors of chocolate of this brand are white chocolate blueberry, mint cookie, dark chocolate grapefruit, milk chocolate, and macadamia nuts.


The most famous Russian chocolate is Alyonka Chocolate. It was first made in the Soviet Union in the year 1965 at the very famous Red October confectionary it is a really cool collection of restaurants, cafes, and a design school. They didn’t have certain chocolate ingredients yet they made the chocolate recipes using the ingredients they had. They also held a photography competition to design the cover of the chocolate bar. Hundreds of photographers nationwide submitted the pictures of the girl who would embody the cover and the photo submitted by Alexander Gerinas won.


Spain is not just famous for football it is also one of the most significant countries for chocolate. Until the 20th-century chocolate was consumed as a drink and the first country that started consuming in Europe was Spain. Some of the famous chocolate varieties in Spain are Valor, Torras, Trufas, and Tirma. If you ever visit or pass by Barcelona you should visit Museu de la Xocolata that is a chocolate museum.


When talking about Germany the first thing that pops into our mind is chocolate. Many people also call Germany as world’s chocolate tree and that’s why this country is very important and famous for chocolate. Some of the most popular chocolate varieties of these places are Hanuta wafers, Nussknacker chocolate that is full of nuts, Lebkuchen and Merci. Chocolate shops in the US often import chocolates from this city to sell alongside the US chocolate brands. Stollwerck chocolate manufacturers are one of the biggest in the county and they also have production plants in Belgium and Switzerland.


France is generally famous for desserts and not just chocolates. You must try their truffles and snacks that come in some of the most beautiful flavors. The very famous one is the Valrhona. If you are keen to learn about making chocolate you can easily find courses for making Valrhona chocolates. Some famous chocolates that make France one of the most important countries for chocolate are Richart, Patrick Roger, Cazenave, and Hirsinger.

United Kingdom

It is very hard to pass a Cadbury egg when they appear in the grocery store. This brand originally sold tea, coffee, drinking chocolate, and other such things in the year 1820. The Cadbury brothers even supplies chocolate to Queen Victoria in the 1850s and developed the popular Dairy milk chocolate that was popular for its higher milk content. You can buy Cadbury Dairy Milk bars all around the world but the one down the cobblestone street in the UK tastes best. Buy romantic chocolates online UK from our gift store and treat your friends and relatives with delicious and sweet chocolate treats for their special day.


You can’t go to Belgium and not have the chocolates or not visit the chocolate shop. There are more than 2000 chocolate shops throughout the country. The uniqueness of this Belgian chocolate is that they are cooled only at the end of the process which allows it to hold onto more of its aroma. It is entirely almost handcrafted chocolate and these two things make the Belgian chocolate a little more expensive but they are sure worth the money as well as the hype. Belgium is world-renowned for its chocolate and it is one of the major chocolate manufacturing centers. Belgian chocolate is been regulated by the law and it mandates a minimum of 35% of pure cocoa in production.


Even if you haven’t been to this paradise place you would have probably had Swiss chocolate. One of the most popular brands of Swiss chocolate is Lindt and it can be purchased all around the world. Something so interesting about the production of Swiss chocolate is that although Switzerland’s climate isn’t conducive to growing cacao plants yet they have found a way to produce the chocolate. The average Swiss eats more than 10 kilos of chocolate per year which makes the most chocolate consumption per capita.


Italy is all about a quaint Italian café, an espresso, and a piece of Italian chocolate. One of the most popular chocolate producers in Italy is Amadei and they buy cocoa directly from growers. This means they know where the beans came from and how they were grown and they use this knowledge to produce some of the best chocolates in the world. They enjoy using chocolate in their pastries which makes it a delight for everyone with a sweet tooth. Send chocolates online Italy to your near and dear ones for various special and convey your greetings to them in the sweetest way.

These are some of the places where they produce some of the most famous countries that you will love.

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