Various Types of Chocolate Available in Netherlands

Various Types of Chocolate in Netherlands

Netherlands is the city of chocolates. And this is the reason this city is call the city of sweet people. Major brands of chocolates are available in Netherlands. There are endless choices of chocolates but some are very famous, like dark chocolate, milk chocolates. We have mentioned the beautiful guide about vivid chocolates varieties accessible in Netherlands.

Whether you are in the same land or across the seas, chocolate delivery in Netherlands is the best place to send gift from any place around the world.

<Dark Chocolate>

Dark chocolate is the dense and rich chocolate known for its bitter-sweet taste. There are different varieties in dark chocolates. Mostly it depends on the quantity of cocoa beans. Dark chocolate taste varies as per the quantity of chocolate liquor combined with cocoa butter, sugar and lecithin an emulsifier. Science has approved that dark chocolate is the best stress reliever agent. It also helps in reducing cholesterol. But that depends on the quantity of the cocoa beans on bar wrapper. A bitter sweet dark chocolate contains 50 to 70% cacao percentage. Here sugar ratio is reduced and high percentage of Cocoa beans powder used for making delicious dark chocolate.

<Dark Milk Chocolate>

Dark milk chocolate is a semi-sweet chocolate. Milk solids are used to add a glaze and give a rich taste to dark chocolate. Concentration of cacao is more than normal to enhance the flavor of milk chocolate. Lattenero is the popular dark milk chocolate which uses 51%, 60% or 70% cacao with 2% of milk solids. This chocolate gives great taste of both milk and dark chocolate. it adds extra milkiness to milk chocolate bar.

<Dutch Chocolate>

Dutch press chocolate of dutched chocolate means alkalized chocolates. Chocolate is pass through alkalizing process to give it a smoother and tempting flavor. It is a patented process to remove fat from cacao beans by hydraulic press. With this process cocoa isn’t acidic, it brings the cocoa powder to alkaline level of 8. it also changes the color from light reddish brown to a rich dark brown color. It smoothens the texture and use to delight the sweets like ice crème, hot chocolates and for baking desserts.

<Drinking Chocolates>

Previous times only cocoa powder was invent and used to make the chocolate desserts. As the time passes drinking chocolates used to make the sinful desserts. Chocolate ganache made melting chocolate with butter and crème. Ready made drinking chocolates are easily available in the market. This is use to serve as toppings in ice-crème, cake and in many other beverages. En-robing or covered chocolate is also a delightful recipe. Chocolate is melt in microwave and then fruits and dry nuts are hand-dip into it. It must cool down around 30 minutes to one hour. It adds a great glossy coating to dry fruits or fruit. Some also use molds to make a personalized chocolate at home.

<Swiss Chocolate>

Switzerland is the leading land of manufacturing Swiss chocolate. There is a deep history and tradition of development of Swiss chocolate. Swiss chocolate is the leading and finest chocolate in Switzerland. Nestle and Lindt are the famous brands you will see in every chocolate store of the world. Today most of the Swiss chocolate industries are in Switzerland and it has the highest rate of consuming chocolates worldwide.

<Belgian Chocolate>

Belgian is known as the biggest competitor of Swiss chocolate in Switzerland. Belgian chocolate is famous for its vast varieties of delicacies. Belgium country is the first who invented Belgian chocolate. People blindly eat this chocolate for its ingredients used in making. There are several traditional rules of making Belgian chocolate. For example 35% of cocoa must be used to avoid the usage of low quality fats or other artificial ingredients. It sees to every act of how cocoa beans are planted, how they are baked and used for making Belgian chocolate.

No worries if they love Belgian or Swiss chocolates. We have all types of chocolate delicious to send birthday chocolate online in Netherlands.

We have covered almost all the famous brands of chocolate produced in Netherlands. Whether it is a dark chocolate or milk chocolate, it is a first sweet everyone would love to eat. Chocolate boxes are the most affordable gifting option for every age. if you wish to send chocolates, send any of the chocolate box we have summarized in this article.

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