7+ Ways to Celebrate your First 365 Days of Married Life

It feels like yesterday that you vowed “I do” to each other.  And time surely flies.  Both of you have come a long way. Through the laughter echoing to making it up after a heated argument – one year got completed. Within one year both of you have made amazing memories. To celebrate the joy and ecstasy of your togetherness, you must be wondering how to begin? Well, we have got some enticing ideas, that will conjure up excitement. So, what are you waiting for? Go; check out the 10 ways of celebrating the first 365 days of married life.

Renewing the Wedding Vows Again

Do you remember the vows you took a year back? So, now again repeat all your vows again to relive the moment. To reaffirm all those promises you gave to each other.  Maybe you can add few more as well and write it down. Many couples like to host a party and vow each other again in surrounding their loved ones. You can get any cake via cake delivery and then cut the slice.  It’s a great way of celebrating your first year anniversary.

Get A Couple Tattoo

One down forever to go! That’s what your first anniversary feels like. To celebrate your special day and mark the lifetime commitment gets a couple tattoos. If you look upon the internet you will stumble upon many kinds of tattoos. There are different ideas that you can look upon. Or perhaps even get lovely matching tattoos. Moreover, you both of you get a tattoo in each other’s handwriting. It’s going to be a bold move. And will keep on igniting love in your relationship for upcoming years.

Plant a Sapling Together

Now that you have completed your one year of being with each other. It’s time to pay honor each other by planting a sapling together. Nature is mankind’s best friend. And what better way to celebrate the first anniversary that will add so much meaning to your life. As your journey continues, in the same way, the plant will keep on growing turning someday huge into a tree. In fact, you can plant a tree on each anniversary you celebrate and make it as custom.

Go On a Second Honeymoon

Feel the warmth in each other’s arms and get lost in eyes of your love by going on the second honeymoon. Pick any favorite location but make sure to plan it ahead so there is no hustle at the last moment. If you both are adventurous enough then plan a trip to do something really thrilling. Moreover, there are many honeymoon packages available that will help you in figuring out your perfect destination. The moments you reach the place surprise your sweetheart through anniversary gift delivery as a loving surprise.

Groove to the Tunes of Love

Are you bad at dancing? Well, it clearly doesn’t matter when you are jiving on the tune with the love of your life. You can celebrate your anniversary by going to clubbing or perhaps go for a karaoke as well. It’s a new way of enjoying time with each other. There are many clubs that hold such things. If you aren’t much into the dancing in a club. Then arrange hit on the music play button and romance with each other.

Romantic Night by a Bonfire

Stars twinkling in the sky and a bonfire by your side cuddled up in each other’s arms. That does sound a fantastic idea for your first-anniversary celebration no? Hence, all you need to a serene and quiet land where you can sit, talk and spend quality of time together and stargaze while the bonfire keeps on lighting.

The Anniversary Photo Shoot

Years later when you both have grey hair and you will look at the wonderful pictures getting all nostalgic. So make a tradition to click photos every year. Furthermore, you can have a place where you can hang your anniversary pictures. Each year will pass by and the bond will keep on becoming stronger. Decide the location, dress up and hire a professional photographer. In fact, you can click your own pictures as well in the comfy clothes.

A Road Trip to Remember

A road trip is always an exhilarating way to savor the affection both you are sharing. Your anniversary day is special so make pack up your bags for a weekend getaway. And let the car engine roar. Don’t plan anything. May the road takes you to beautiful places. Also, don’t miss phone, food and drinks.

A Romantic Candlelight Dine Out

Cosy atmosphere, delicious food and candles lighting up your home – a perfect way to raise a toast your relationship with a glass of wine. Let the soft music playing in the background. Dress in his/her most preferable outfit and flatter him/her again. You can also dine at your favourite restaurant as well. Carry a gift as well.

The first 365 days passed rapidly. The above mentioned are the 10 ways you can celebrate your married life. Don’t miss out anything since you don’t know what holds next. Therefore to live each second with your love in the utmost loving, caring way is impeccable.

Wishing you and yours a very happy first anniversary. May you both fall in love hard, every day!

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