8 Creative & Unique Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

There are some people on this earth who spend everything on one thing. They have an addiction to collecting jewelry. Not only collecting, but they also would love to organize them. Here are 8 creative ways of organizing.

1) Stack Those Up

Stack Those Up

The best way to save your jewelry from being broken or lost or damaged is to stack them up. There are different ways and different props to stack your jewelry. This idea is best for earrings as they very often break or gets lost. So, you can buy an earring stand and hang your earrings there. Or you can make it yourself by using an old frame lying around. Hanging the danglers and Jaipur Jhumkas are very important if you want them to be beautiful, untouched and as gorgeous as it was new. You can stack the bangles around various shaped glass bottles.

2) Pin it On the Wall

Pin it On the Wall

If you have a bigger wall and it is of no such purpose, use it as the storage of jewelry. All you need is to make some steel or wooden plates with small anchors on them. From there you can hang your necklaces, earrings, and bangles. You can design the cutting according to your level of creativity. And that will look fabulous on a contrast wall. Another purpose of room décor can also be solved with this choice of gift and organize.

3) Store it in a Drawer

Store it in a Drawer

You can also keep your jewelry safe and secure if you line them up and keep them inside a drawer. You can make different columns for keeping different things just like an older jewelry box. Inside the drawer, line everything up in the simplest manner possible. Keep earrings on one side, necklaces on one side and bangles and wristlets on the other column. Make sure you keep each of the necklaces straight and untangled. You can buy online personalized gifts like this for your beloved girlfriend or best friend to pamper them on their special days.

4) Jewelry Tree

Jewelry Tree

If you want to spend lesser time to find your matching jewelry, the jewelry tree is the best jewelry stand ever. It like the original tree, a replica of it which has natural look like small and big branches in trees without leaves. SO you can hang your earrings at spaces you feel are perfect. Then you can also hang the neck pieces from the longer branches. The bangles can be stacked around the trunk part and the rings can put at the edge of the branches. So, a jewelry tree will keep all your jewelry safe, secure and ordered.

5) Wood Jewelry Blocks

Wood Jewelry Blocks

This is the most old school; classic and antique way of keeping your jewelry in an order. There are small wooden jewelry boxes available for different pieces of jewelry. You can take up plane simple boxes or you can go for designed boxes available in online stores. You first need to measure the amount of your jewelry collection and buy the size of the box according to the estimate. Sometimes they are also available in single blocks and sometimes in conjoined boxes as well to keep all the jewelry in one box. Online fashion jewelry delivery to the USA enables you with many such opportunities, which can be of immense help.

6) Earring Board

Earring Board

Earrings other than danglers do not have much fear of entangling and damage. But the risk it carries is that of getting lost. Small top earrings are very important to keep properly. You can have small sponge boards available online to keep your top earrings settled and safe. An earring board does a great job in not only arranging the earrings but also a prop to decorate the room table as well. Designed earring boards are no less than wall decorations.

7) Tiered Tray Jewelry Organizer

Tiered Tray Jewelry Organizer

You have unused old saucers and plates in your house for sure. This idea is to make use of them and create new things. You need to stick those plates or saucers according to their size in a consecutive manner. But longer stands between them to keep the flat platters at a distance from each other. When the design is done, you are ready to put in this designed tiered jewelry tray organizer.

8) Ice Cube Tray Earring Dividers

Ice Cube Tray Earring Dividers

We all are aware of the ice cube trays. There are many small cubed dividers in the ice tray which can be very uniquely used for keeping small jewelry like earrings, hair clips, ribbons, and rings. Put each item in one of the cubes and it will be fulfilled within 5 minutes. SO you will need more of this particular gift in a stack to play with varieties. There are different shaped boxes as well.

We all love to flaunt our good selves in our choice of dresses and jewelry is the best complimentary thing in décor. Above are the best ways to organize your jewelry.

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