13+ Ways to Save Money on Your Kid’s Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for kids is a big affair for parents. Kids want the extraordinary celebration to show the other children. But what if you have a limited budget?

No Worries, you can arrange a fabulous party with a little money by using our best tips and tricks. Here are the important guidelines for throwing a wonderful party at the lowest rates. Follow for a more affordable kid’s birthday party. These creative ideas to save hundreds of dollars every year for a birthday party.

#1. Check Your Budget

Parents or elders must look after the budget of the party and then decide the theme and location of the party. Don’t compete with other parents. Focus on your own finances, and spend only what you can afford. Setting a budget also stops you from getting too excited and spending more money.

#2. Plan Ahead

You can save serious cash by planning ahead for the party. Just plan it before how many kids are going to come. Plan party favors and meals as per. Make a spreadsheet of invited guests and plan party presents for this time. Buy gifts and party decorative items from one store to get a big discount price. It will lead you to a tension-free environment on the party day.

#3. Know What a Kid Wants

Think about your children’s interests and set the party of that mood. If he likes superhero, prepare a decoration of that type. For Disney lovers Disney theme is popular. The best parties are the ones where the birthday boy or girl has the best time. Paying attention to your kid’s interests will play a much more important role. Order birthday gift delivery from online stores is the best option.

#4. Find Deals

Pre-planning is awesome. Keep a list of some departments or online stores providing good deals and discounts on stationary. Look at the back to school sales, sales after schools to get the stationery gifts in the budget. Discover the new item which is useful for the school days and buy it in the bulk to get the best discount. Find 7 Most Amazing Birthday Gifts for Kids here.

#5. Stock Up Gifts

Stock up the gifts. If you find there is a big discount or end of season sale, store those gifts for the upcoming birthday party. If your children are going to a birthday party, this will also help you a lot.

#6. Buy Solid Colored Paper Products

Buy solid-colored paper napkins, plates, and cups instead of expensive paper plates. Don’t get so competitive with colored paper plates, but choose plain color plates. They are much cheaper. You can buy it for pretty cheap in bulk and always use the extras for school lunches, picnics, or big family dinners. This way you can save your money and spend it on the other party favors.

#7. Use FREE Themed Party Printable

Although online stores have awesome themed party printable online, try to check out the FREE options instead. Some printables include party invitations, birthday banners, water bottle labels, favor tags, food cards, and cupcake toppers. You can take ideas from Pinterest. You can duplicate the ideas easily at home and get the best decoration for a birthday venue in the very meantime.

#8. Only Serve Cake and Ice cream(Avoid the full meal)

Plan your party between lunch and dinner, So no need to arrange the full meal because cake and ice cream is enough. Bake the cookies and snacks at home if you wish to serve it on the table. But cake and ice cream are enough for the small birthday party. It is not necessary that you should provide a complete meal.

#9. Decorate Your Own Cake(Get crafty)

Decorating cake at home is also a good task of saving extra money. Baking a cake at home is also an interesting task. This needs time and patience, but after all, you get a healthy cake for children. If you wish to buy a cake from the store, our online cake delivery service at Giftblooms is the best option. Order a cake of your kid’s choice and get it delivered at your birthday party premise.

#10. Choose an Affordable location (Your house of the park)

Host a party in the backyard or at home. It saves money for other things. Or else arrange the party in the park or any relative’s park. How about an in-home cooking party? Think decorating cupcakes or making pizzas. This trick will not disappoint your children and you can save a lot of money being spent on restaurants.

#11. Make Your Own Invitations

Find or create the designs online matched to your party theme and get it printed. Or else get crafty and make the invitation cards from colored papers. The choice is yours.

#12. Create Your Own Games

Create your own games on the birthday premise. Pin the Tail on the Donkey or Tic Tac toe is a good option for the backyard party celebration. If you are celebrating it in the park or big location, arrange the games like washers or corn whole.

#13. Include Balloons for Cheaper

Balloon decoration is cheaper than other decorative essentials. Buy birthday balloons online is the easiest option for this. Get the helium-filled balloons, birthday balloons, and deck the birthday party. Once the party is over you can hand over the balloons to the invited children as a party favor. This reduces your efforts of buying party favors for children.

#14. Choose Birthday Party Themes wisely

Choose a party theme wisely. Sit with your children and ask about what kind of theme party he or she wants to celebrate. Under four year’s age kid’s parties, Disney theme, angry birds theme, superhero theme is a good idea. Talk to school-age children for their interest theme party and plan the party as per their wish. If you have a good budget then you can buy the paper plates, napkins match with the theme. Or else call your friends to decorate the balloons and other party favors to suit the theme of the party.

Nothing is impossible in the world if you deeply think and apply for it. All the above birthday party ideas are meant to save your earnings. It is really a thoughtful idea without sacrificing fun. In your budget, follow tips to celebrate your kids birthday party. Cut the party favors and unnecessary decorations, you will get the right party fun at your limited cost. If you like our suggestions and party ideas you can share it with your friends too.

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