Wedding Anniversary Perfumes for your Better Half

Anniversary Perfumes

If there is one occasion in life that we want to make the most special in life, it is our wedding. Wedding is the best occasion in our lives; a milestone one. Marriage is the new beginning of a new life between the two people who take want to be with each other for a lifetime. Also, it is a beginning of a passion. Two people who are about to spend their lives together, need to know each other more passionately and deeply. To make the romance grow deeper between them, as the years go by, here is a list of anniversary gift perfumes for your better half.

Olympea by Paco Rabanne


Olympia is the best brand of women perfume that came into the market in 2015. The creators of this perfume were Loc Dong, Dominique Ropion, and Anne Flipo. Olympia by Paco Rabanne is an amber fragrant floral aromatic perfume for women. There are three layers of fragrance; the notes exert an aroma of sandalwood, cashmere wood, and ambergris. The top layer has that of green mandarin, ginger, and jasmine whereas the middle notes express the salt and vanilla flavor. It is one of the best perfumes to send to your beloved wife as an anniversary gift to the USA.

Burberry Weekend Set (Him/ Her)

Burberry Weekend Set

Burberry weekend is another beautiful set of perfume for both the husband and wife. Thus keep the romance at top-notch even after years of marriage. This is a perfume set that needs to be at the top of the gift list for each couple. The perfume set exerts the fragrance of delicious citrus fruits like mandarin orange, lemon, and pineapple. In the mid notes, there is the remarkable fragrance of sandalwood, ivy, and oak-moss whereas the base note is that of musk, cider, and honey. The women’s perfume however has the low notes of cedarwood, sandalwood; mid notes are those of peach blossom, wild rose, and hyacinth. The top note spreads the tangerine and Reseda plant.

Polo Blue (Ralph Lauran)

Polo Blue

If you are willing to order anniversary perfume online, it is the best gift on your special day for your beloved man of life. The Polo Blue Eau De Parfum is the creation of one of the best company of perfumes for men in the world- Ralph Lauran. The fragrance is a fresh blend of the aquatic muse with basil, verbena. The top-notch is that of melon de Cavaillon, cucumber (freshly sliced), and tangerine. Mid notes spread the aroma of geranium and basil and the base note is that of basil, amber, melon, sheer musk, and washed suede.

Gucci Flora (Anniversary Edition)

Gucci Flora

As the tagline of the perfume suggests, it is the most ultimate personalized anniversary gift idea to make your beloved lady love happier. The famous Gucci flora pattern is what is followed in this particular perfume. This is the 2016 edition of Gucci Flora perfume; 5 years after the original flora came in the market and has been on the top of the list since then. It has the top-notch of pink pepper and mandarin; middle notch of Osmanthus flower (rare) and peony. And the base is a reflection of cedar, leather, and musk.



Kalon is one of the best-selling affordable perfumes of ultimate love from the USA. The most amazing fact about this perfume is it has the finest blend in the world. It has a very woody scent for crisp, mostly for women as they are very much emotional to delicate things, like fragrance. The best perfume on the rack is to gift to your beloved for its amazing aroma and attractiveness.



To make a man’s life and day memorable and amazing, the best fragrance to gift in this world is Inanna. It is not just a perfume; it is a beautiful statement for the man who is there for you with your highs and lows. Some aromatic scent like Inanna will make your beloved man feel to come closer to you on this special day.



With the blooming essence of jasmine and rose, this fragrance will bring back the ten-year-old marriage romance. It is one of the best ideas of romantic anniversary gifts for your beloved woman. Valentina carries the beautiful Italian floral essences that will turn your woman on. For an afternoon brunch anniversary date, this gift would make your beloved’s mood great, and both your anniversary night young.

Above are the best wedding anniversary perfumes for your beloved on your celebration of marriage. It is one of the best ways to make single days remarkable.

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