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What Are the Mother’s Day Flower Types to Gift Mom?

What Are the Mother's Day Flower Types to Gift Mom?

Mother’s day is kicking off soon in May. May month is known as a mothering month. This month every country celebrates mother’s day on different weeks and dates. It is said that you give yourself an opportunity to show how much you love your mom. No matter if you are not expressive you can say it all with a beautiful mother’s day flower. Flowers are very much close to a woman’s heart. They are soft, beautiful and have a tendency to make the opposite one happy. Same as mothers have a nature of bringing everything best into their children’s life. So without wasting time let us show choosing the best mother’s day flowers to give to your mom. There are so many types of flowers, you have to make the choice of the best flower that inspires her a lot.

Mother’s Day Flower Types

Mother's Day Flower Types

  • Roses

    Chances are zero that a woman would not love to receive roses. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers that help to exaggerate emotions. Be it red rose, yellow, white, orange or peach. Every rose has a different story to generate a special feeling. Better you can express your feelings with roses mixed beauty. The red rose shows love and care, yellow is for friendship, Orange is meant for youthfulness, white is for gratitude and peach is for harmony and peace. So all wonderful feelings go under one roof in the form of a mixed rose’s bouquet. And if your mom chasing a dream of making a rose garden, get mother’s day flower garden ideas from here.

  • Orchid

    The orchid is one of the best flowers for making someone happy. Orchid’s sensational fragrance keeps boosting the mood. The orchid is symbolized woman empowerment. This flower bears courage, strength and ignorance. Mostly pink orchids are best for gift giving. But you can also go for purple, peach and white flowers. Orchid flowers can be mixed with other beauties like roses and carnations.

  • Tulips

    Tulips start blossoming in the early spring. They are the most awaited flower to make flower garden shows. Tulips’ long stems are hardy and they easily get mixed with other flower bouquets. But mostly multicolour tulips bouquet starts attracting people. You can also go for a single colour flower in a bouquet. Tulips blossoms to the fullest in the mid-summer month so mother’s day cake and flowers beauty flaunts like no other flower does.

  • Dahlia

    If you want to know her you are really overwhelmed with her selfless love, give her a Dahlia bouquet. Dahlia looks simple flower for mother’s day, but truly it is not. This flower strongly supports the woman’s fraternity. Dahlia is very much known for its sensational fragrance. So it is very much famous for its sensational fragrance and amazing appearance. Except this, Dahlia symbolizes in-depth love and care. So this would be a great gift choice for giving mom on mother’s day.

  • Carnation

    Well in China and Japan mother’s day is rejoiced by sending long-stem carnations. When you group 12 to 15 carnations in one bouquet, it makes a huge bouquet to celebrate the most special moment. Carnations symbolize innocence, purity of heart, love and care. In Japan and China pink colour carnations are sold the most. Perhaps you can add some crème or peach carnations to enhance the look of a bright colour bouquet.

Dos and Don’ts for Offering Flowers on Mother’s Day

Dos and Don’ts for Offering Flowers on Mother’s Day


  • First of all the flower should relate to mother’s day. For example roses, orchids, and tulips, are all flowers related to motherhood.
  • Please take a note of the time and date of mother’s day flower delivery. Also, continue to check the status to know how far the gift is reached.
  • The flower should be strongly Knott with thick thread. The loose knot would look messy and inappropriate.
  • Flowers should be of utmost freshness and must be given in the mother’s day basket or mother’s day vase.


  • Don’t put choice on only white or black or any dark coloured flowers. Dark-coloured flowers can create a negative impact. You can use dark or white-coloured flowers between the groups of vibrant flowers.
  • Please take a note of the time and date of mother’s day flower delivery
  • Don’t be too late to send flowers online. If it is sent early no issues, but if they are sent late, it will create a bad impression.
  • Don’t go with what others choose, use your wisdom and send the flower that she likes the most.

So here are the dos and don’ts of sending flowers. Every single minute is precious as mother’s day is approaching soon. Kindly note down the meaning of the mother’s day flowers I elaborated on. It is really a good favour to make mom’s heart happy. Flowers mirrors happiness, thoughtfulness and joyfulness. So these are the valid reasons to know why flowers are the best gift for honouring motherhood.

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