What To Do With Leftover Easter Chocolate?

Leftover Easter Chocolate

Looking at the leftover Easter chocolate. We always think about how we will store it and fit it in the refrigerator. They take up a lot of space to store. But we discovered some recipes for transforming the leftover chocolates into a delicious dessert. We feel good to share some delicious recipes for leftover candies or chocolates. Easy chocolate Easter treats ideas would save your time and money buying new chocolate or dessert for guests. Check out the recipes written just under this line.

Jelly Bean Shots

If you have so many candies left in the refrigerator, you can use them to convert them into a colorful drink. Candy does not add color to drink but also gives a nutty taste to drink. Just drop colorful candies in martini, vodka, or into clear soda. It will instantly start melting and releasing its flavor too. You can crush different colored candies to get some rainbow look in a drink if you wish.

Make Cookies

Make Cookies

You can store cookies for so many days for around one month. So you can utilize these chocolates to make chocolate cookies. Just add shredded chocolate into the cookie better and bake it. The delicious chocolate cookies are ready to serve the guests.

Make Easter Bar

Here you can use any leftover candies to make a big bar at home. Melt white chocolate and press those candies and leftover chocolates into that melted white chocolate sheet. Let it come to room temperature. Cut them in the bunny shape. Your Easter bunny bar is ready for celebration.

Easter Egg Brownies

Easter Egg Brownies

You can easily use leftover chocolates to make gooey and delicious brownies. Soak chocolates in the brownie batter. You can learn the recipe from YouTube. It is a simple process as you need not use dark chocolate; instead, take the leftover chocolates. Now decorate these brownies with edible Easter egg cake.

Easter Mini Eggs Fudge

Here, you can use lots of leftover Easter chocolate to make a creamy and mouth-melting fudge at home. You will need lots of chocolate, caramel, and condensed milk to add some richness. Once you get the idea of how to make it, you will love making this recipe again. Fudge is quickly baked in 2 to 5 minutes, so you can instantly serve it to the uncertain guests.

Make Tiny Cup Cakes

Make Tiny Cup Cakes

Instead of serving big cakes, you can welcome the guests coming on Easter with tiny cupcakes. Well, you have no raw material for making cupcakes. There you can use leftover chocolates and cookies to make a delicious cupcake. Just add butter, Easter chocolate, and sugar into flour to make the cake batter. Bake this for 15 to 20 minutes. Your cupcakes are ready. Now melt the chocolate in the double boiler and spread it on the cupcake. Decorate it with googly eyes and bunny legs to match dessert with a celebration type.

Chocolate Smoothie

Kids do not love drinking milk. But when you give them milk in a smoothie, they quickly accept it. So here, you can use these chocolates to make a delicious smoothie. You can use bananas, oats, and some chocolates to make a delicious and healthy smoothie for your kid. Even if you can store it in the fridge, it can stay fresh for up to 2 days.

Lava Cup Cakes

Well, it is an exciting cake that everyone would love to taste. Easter decorated cake has a lava filling that melts in the mouth in seconds. Here we hide leftover chocolates in the center filling of the batter; Once it starts baking, you will see the chocolate lava coming out to allure you. This is the easiest trick to tickle anyone on your favorite person’s list.

So here is the simple, quick and effortless dessert to make from residue chocolates. We all love receiving chocolates because you can use them in many desserts. As well, it instantly delights the mood. Here we bring you some leftover Easter chocolate ideas that put you a thought on how to use leftover chocolates. Please share this recipe in the comment section mentioned below if you have any recipes.



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