What to do With Old Stuffed Animals?

You have lots of stuffed animals but you don’t want to throw them. Well, it’s big trouble when your kid’s room is full of stuffed animals and it is difficult to manage them. It is better to be creative rather than throw them in the trash. Order soft toys online from here, we are waiting to celebrate your birthday, anniversary with the best soft toy gift. Yes, you have a recycling option. You can reuse the old stuffed animal to bring something new out of it. We have lots of options to recycle the old stuffed animals. Please take inspiration from the ideas mentioned below.

1] Donate

1] Donate

Charity is one of the most reliable thoughts. You can collect those stuffed animals inbox and then take them to donate to the needy kids. In orphanages, kids do not have those stuffed animals to play with. You can give those stuffed animals to needy kids and make them happy. Kids have a special attraction for soft toys. We also have some interesting facts about soft toys; please click on the highlighted link.

A] To Shops and NGO’s

We are lucky we have parents who accomplish our wishes. But some kids are not as lucky enough as we are. Some shops and NGOs do such favor to distribute those used toys to the kids who live in orphanages. They are doing this to bring some happiness to those poor kids. You can also give it to the shop; they will help donate your soft toys to needy kids.

B] Emergency Services

Stuffed Animals for Emergency is a private NGO company. This is also named as a SAFE organization. This organization volunteers go and meet parents and bring the unused blankets, Old Soft toys, books and collect them. Then they distribute these things to the poor and needy kids. This is really a good deed and you can help them by using this service. You can save those stuffed animals and other useful things in one box. After six months you can call them to collect those things for charity purposes.

C] Pet Shelter

You can give stuffed toys to pet shelter organizations. Pets love a soft and furry friend. Cat and dogs would love to embrace the soft toys. Also, they love to sleep with this soft and furry companion. So you can give your unused soft toys to the pet shelter room. Many people give soft toys to underprivileged kids but no one cares about stray dogs and pets. You can think about it by giving soft toys to the pet shelter rooms.

2] Make Kids Purse

2] Make Kids Purse

Or if you are a bit creative you can do this thing to recycle the stuffed animal. Just remove the cottony soft material hidden in the soft toy. Now wash this soft fabric so that you can use it to make a furry purse. You can learn the DIY trick to stitch the purse for your baby. You can use googly eyes, some ribbons, and some funny emojis to make your kid happy.

3] Make Scarf

3] Make Scarf Ref

For this, you need to empty the stuffed animal and wash it thoroughly. Take another scarf and cut the length according to the measure of that scarf. You can learn the DIY trick from Pinterest. If you wish you can also make a fluffy hat or fluffy hand gloves out of it. it’s Christmas or thanksgiving you can buy a Gift basket for kids online from here.

4] Use for Beanbag Stuffing

4] Use for Beanbag stuffing

Yes, that’s a nice thing to do. You can use those soft toys to make a fluffy bean bag for your kid. Open the bean bag and insert these furry soft animals inside this bag. Large to small-sized you can use all types of Old Stuffed Animals to stuff in the bean bag.

5] Animal Jars

5] Animal Jars

Now you can use those stuffed animals to get some aesthetic decoration in your kid’s bedroom. You need to have lots of small jars to stuff that soft toy. You can put those stuffed animal jars on to wardrobe or in a heightened place. Make sure it is out of the reach of the children.

We know there are endless choices of soft toys to share Amazing birthday gifts for kids. When kids grow up it will be of no use. So we have made a beautiful article to reuse those old stuffed animals. Instead of throwing them in the waste, you can use them to make other kids happy. Recycle option is also a good thing to save money. Hope you enjoy this information. If you like this article you can share your view in the comment section mentioned below.

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