Jewelry: Which Jewelry to Wear According To Your Zodiac Sign?

There are 12 zodiac signs under which we all are born. Star signs are very much different from one another and one might not know, there are pieces of jewelry according to the star signs for people as well. Each star-sign holds special characteristics of them and so mold the personality of those who are born to them. Here is the list. You would love to gift one of them to your beloved on their special occasions.

1) Jewelry for Aries

Jewelry for Aries

Aries is alphabetically the first zodiac which is very special. People born under this star sign are born leaders and pioneers of things. They are sheer enthusiasts and they make an impact with their choices. As they are very confident, they choose to wear angular jewelry that matches their sharp personalities. No other person can pull off red as Aries do. So, ruby and red coral sets in silver are their star sign jewelry.

2) Jewelry for Taurus

Jewelry for Taurus

Taurus is one of those star signs which are very edgy and reckless in life. People born in this sun sign are very much self-indulgent and materialistic. This star sign is an extremist in case of choosing anything. They can range their picks of pieces of jewelry from delicate, somber ones to bold, highlighting ones. As it is an earth sign, any jewelry of pale yellow color will match its personality. Pokhraj, emerald topaz or amber any one of them set in gold silver and copper will be the best choice of jewelry for them.

3) Jewelry for Gemini

Jewelry for Gemini

Gemini is one of those star signs which are very communicative and witty. They are so into interactions that they let their choice of jewelry speak for them. Anything sparkling is a Gemini favorite. They prefer to wear delicate designs like butterfly, stones, etc… The color for Gemini is lavender or purple and the best stone for them is amethyst or agate in silver.

4) Jewelry for Cancer

Jewelry for Cancer

Making a Cancerian happy is the most difficult thing in life. When you are to choose gifts for them, you should not look at your budget but your choice should be something very much appreciative. Cancer people believe in always and forever, so they are very sentimental and lovely. They love gifts that have very good meaning and feelings attached to it. Cancers are fond of emeralds and moonstones.

5) Jewelry for Leo

Jewelry for Leo

Leo is one of those star sign which is born as a star. Their life is so full of drama. That love to stay in the limelight and choose their lifestyle according to the spotlight. They are very melodramatic and edgy in nature. They can pull off the quirkiest thing in the world in the best way. You will bitch behind her about her choice but you dare not do that on their face. But, they are the most kind-hearted people in the whole world. SO, their jewelry choice is also the same. Any bright stone like amber or Period in a gold set will win your beloved Leo’s heart.

6) Jewelry for Libra

Jewelry for Libra

The positive sign of this zodiac is they are very balancing in their life. Libra people are the ‘pick up fashion’ ones who choose everything in uncomplicated ways. But they are very easily influenced as well. They have a very good sense of what looks good on them. They choose jewelry according to the essence of the occasion. So the good thing is you can gift a Libra anything and she/he will be happy. A gemstone like Topaz or aquamarine in silver will be the best online fashion jewelry delivery for them.

7) Jewelry for Virgo

Jewelry for Virgo

Virgo people are very minute and give more importance to details. They have a very subtle choice of everything. So, they choose their favorite things which are not overpowering. Same is the choice of them for jewelry. Such meticulous people like simplicity at its best. So, if you are going to gift a jewelry to a Virgo, choose something that does not represent grey because they hate them. White pearls in gold or dark oxidized jewelries are their favorites.

8) Jewelry for Scorpio

Jewelry for Scorpio

Scorpio is mysterious, passionate and attractive. Their mysteriousness is reflected through their hideous choices. They hardly open up about their choices and keep their choices hidden from others. Scorpio’s love, fidelity and power are best matched with blue topaz stone in silver. They are very much choosy about their outfit and matching pieces of jewelry. As they hide their emotions so well and are introverts, tourmaline and opal will also be greater choice of jewelry for them.

9) Jewelry for Sagittarius

Jewelry for Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are very much practical, lively and optimistic. They reflect their choice through their carefree attitude. Colors that symbolize freedom and nature are their favorites. Blue and turquoise are the best color and gemstone for them. Sapphire jewelries representing friendship, health and peace will also be a very good gemstone for them. They love to receive a souvenir from all places, no matter how small it is.

10) Jewelry for Capricorn

Jewelry for Capricorn

Capricorn is very difficult to please because they are very much expensive in investing on jewelries. As they are very pragmatic, their choice of jewelry does not represent style but they see jewelry more or less as an asset. As they are very materialistic, their choices are very close to earth. They are very affectionate and independent. So, a leather bracelet with a garnet set in them will be their favorite gift. Blue topaz, Lazuli and Onyx will also be very close to their hearts. Online gift delivery USA sells the best gifts for the Capricorns.

11) Jewelry for Aquarius

Jewelry for Aquarius

Aquarius is those people whom we can call true humanitarians. They love to invent things. They are like them who either wear stand out jewelries or they will go bare. Eco-friendly jewelries are their most favorites. A Zany jewelry made with colorful garnet, amethysts, agate, opal and sugilite will be their favorites. These people are very creative and original. The above stones reflect spirituality, sincerity, inspiration and piety that are the best reflections of these Aquarius people. Their sense of creativity and innovation makes them very special human beings.

12) Jewelry for Pisces

Jewelry for Pisces

These people are so heart pouring; always think and help others. They move most impeccably from one fashion to the other among all the star signs. They cannot predict their choice because they are very easily led. Silver ornaments are favorite to them. They are born dreamers. Perfect gemstones for them are- Amethyst, bloodstone, aquamarine and jade. Besides, rock crystals and sapphires also go well with their personality. They are honest, brave and untainted lovers, humble and supporters. Ruby is another alternative jewelry for them to represent their true selves.

One should wear jewelries of their choices .But when it comes to gifting one, the above article will be of great help.

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