Why give Flowers on Women’s Day and Some Popular Flower Ideas

Flowers on Women's Day

  • Why Send Flowers on Women’s Day

Though flowers have become too generic yet they are a great gesture for Women’s Day. Most women love flowers and thus it is a perfect gift to honor the ladies on this important day. Moreover, flowers have a powerful effect on a recipient and they can make one’s day better. Even a study has shown that the recipients who received flowers as gifts give away immediate positive vibes. It also improves one’s mood and also decreases their stress. Flowers also add an extra layer of joy and festivity to the celebration. Therefore, send flowers to your important ladies on women’s day. You can order women’s day flowers to greet your lady love on the occasion dedicated to celebrating women.

  • What Flower to Give

There is a wide range of flowers to choose from as our Earth has so many different types of blooms to offer. For Women’s Day, we are here with the most thoughtful flowers that will convey your Women’s Day greetings.

  1. Mimosa


These are symbolic flowers and are associated with International Women’s Day. These blooms are bright yellow in color and they spread out as an energetic and lively flower. These blooms are the best to present to the beautiful ladies in your life. They would bring out the best in them and also brighten up their day just as bright yellow flowers. You can know about the history of flower gifting to understand why and how flower gifting started making them the most traditional gifts.

  1. Rose

Roses are hands down the best blooms no matter what the occasion is and also they are very popular. Women love roses, moreover, they are available in many colors, so you can choose roses of any color. Different colors have different meanings so choose the one that best relates to your relationship. Order women’s day flowers and make the ladies feel special and loved on this special occasion of Women’s Day.

  1. Iris


Earlier, green symbolized hope, and white symbolized purity for any celebration. Since purple is considered as the theme for Women’s Day these Iris are just perfect. They represent admiration for wisdom a quality the women carry. Thus choose white Irises having purple edges and green leaves to show the traditional color scheme of the day.

  1. Crocus

Purple is so much in trend and any woman would love to receive purple blooms on women’s day. Crocus symbolize youth and innocence, so they are a wonderful choice for young women. These flowers are of the shape of the dainty cup and have a tall stamen in the center. These flowers blossom during the initial months regardless of cold weather and thus they are easy to find in early March. Look for other women’s day gift ideas to surprise the women with wonderful gifts and surprises.

  1. Purple Zinnias

Purple Zinnias

This flower survives the harsh conditions and has a round bloom with petals grown from the center. It is perfect for strong and hardworking women. You can give them to strong-headed women who stand against the wrong-doers and take a stand for rights. These flowers are available in so many hues like pink, purple, orange, and tones like these which the women. Order Plants from our online plant shop and greet your special ones with a thoughtful green gift.

  1. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have many meanings, they portray gratitude along with heartfelt emotions. In some other parts, they are used to represent gracefulness and abundance. These flowers are also available in different colors. For Women’s Day greet your lady love and other special ladies with these blooms that stand for beauty and grace like the recipient.

  1. Lily


Lilies capture the feminine essence and are a perfect choice as beautiful and fragrant flowers for women’s day. It is said that lilies represent the many faces of womanhood like motherhood, passion, beauty, etc. So don’t forget to dedicate these flowers to these special women. Surprise the pretty women with these pretty flowers and show your care and love. Send Flowers online to convey your greetings if they live far away from you.

We hope this helps you find the right flowers for beautiful ladies for Women’s Day.

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