10 Romantic things to do on Birthday in City of Love – Paris-

10 Romantic things to do on Birthday in City of Love – Paris

Birthdays are the first most special day of everyone’s life. This is the day we all are born and we love to celebrate this day every year. We plan to enjoy this day in the most happening way possible. Sometimes we also plan our close people’s birthday in a grand surprising way. You can go to other places as well. Paris is the city of love, which is also a perfect place to spend your birthday in.

Make a Journey to the Island of the Temple of Love

Journey of Island Temple of Love

Temple of love is the best place to enjoy the sunset. It will become more special if it is with your loved ones on your birthday. There are small rowboats you can rent to get access to the island. Or you can get into the island by the bridge. It will be great if you find a boat with your lover’s name nabbed on it. You will find a great view from this isolated place. There is a perfect grassy beach to celebrate your birthday party as well. There will be not much gathering, but you will spend a great and unique birthday there in Paris. You can plan a surprise to send cake online to Paris for your loved one.

A Lady and the Tramp Dinner in a Hidden Alley

A Dinner in a Hiddden Alley

I am sure you have watched ‘Lady and the Trump’ and loved the Spaghetti scene. Well, you have a golden chance to recreate the scene with your loved one at the Cobblestone alleyway. All you need to do is to keep your eyes open in Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine or you will miss the hidden passage at the 159. The home-made pasta, Italian dishes will take birthday treats to a different level. Among them, clam linguine and saffron risotto are the most popular dishes. After finishing lunch, you have a chance to have a stroll through the local neighborhood. Enjoy the off-beat traditional culture.

Tango on the Seine

Tango on the Seine

Your Paris trip would be incomplete if have not to shake your leg with the local Tango tunes. As long as there is good weather, gather at any one of the mini amphitheaters in the 5th arrondissement. Do not worry about your stuff. There is one old man sitting with his radio playing tango-esque music. He will be guarding your belonging. You and your partner, dancing toe-to-toe seductive tango dance on your birthday will be a worthwhile experience. Get the birthday gift delivery to Paris, here to make your loved one’s birthday more special.

A Canal + a Balloon + Pizza Delivery

Birthday Balloon Delivey

You might choose to spend a quiet and serene birthday, staying away from the celebration. There is a 4km long picturesque canal, on the banks you can sit and spend a romantic evening. There are art galleries and warehouse-converted-lofts to explore as well. Order a pizza from the famous pizza parlor Pink Flamingo. You will get a memento pink balloon along with your pizza. The pink balloon is your indicator for the bi-cycle deliverer to spot you and serve you your order.

Go for a Drive in a Vintage Citroën

Long Drive Vintage Citroen

 One can have a dream drive on one of the most famous cars in Paris. There is a place, where you can hire any of your favorite vintage Citroen. There will be a local Parisian driver with all encyclopedic knowledge about Paris. He will take you on an open-roof tour around Paris and will show you the secret off-beat places. What can be more interesting than spending your birthday night like this?

Until Death do us Part

Visiting Death do us Part

Having a stroll around the cemetery on your birthday will sound horrible. But it is not in Paris. The largest cemetery in Paris is not a bit spooky. Rather it can be one of the most romantic spaces one can have to spend a personal birthday. Pere Lachaise is a miniature city of its own with many windy streets and houses like tombs. It’s windy pathways will give you immense romantic feelings. Many known people have their last rite done here.

Blues in a Wine Cellar

Visiting Blues in a Wine celler

 If you want to experience seduction through music, go to Le Caveau des Oubliettes. This is the best blue Jazz place in Paris of harmonica players and dirty electric solo guitar. There is a wine cellar below the bar that was a famous place for music lovers in the 12th century. To get a seat to watch the soulful show, it is best to be there before 9pm.

Explore the secret Waterfalls & Vineyards of Paris

Visiting Paris

This idea can be the best birthday celebration idea for nature lovers. Paris has one very exotic park with natural beauty. Go there and take a little adventure to the waterfall foot. There you will explore exotic secret watering holes and a hilltop village. The place is accessible either by three staircases or by a winding path. From atop, the vineyard view will make your day.

A Platter of Aphrodisiacs

A Platter of Aphrodisiacs

Oysters in the City of Romance- Oysters are very tasty but as long as they are of good quality. So it is a risk to take chance to have oysters from anywhere. L’Ecailler du Bistrot is the best seafood platter in Paris that serves dishes in a very old bistro setting. Be there before 7 pm if you do not want to miss your dream birthday dinner there.

Sip Iced Tea in the Garden of Hopeless Romantics

The Garden Of Hopeless Romantic

 Paris has one old townhouse that has transformed into a museum. Come there in the mid-afternoon, this will give you a paradise feeling. Tree-lined lanes, bellflowers will give you a peaceful afternoon tea-date. The lilacs and wisteria will fill the air with essence. The old glasshouse next door serves the best Egyptian style iced tea with hibiscus and cinnamon.

Hope this will help you out to plan your next birthday here in Paris. Hurry up, the city of love is waiting for you!!

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