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4+ Best Just Thinking of you Gift Ideas for your Husband/Wife

4+ Best Just Thinking of you Gift Ideas for your Husband/Wife

Spouses are the better-halves of each other. They get along so deeply that they feel the other person’s absence badly whenever the person is not around. Couples share unconditional love. And such a feeling makes them express their feelings to the other half. The best way to express such feelings is gifted. You can send their favorite things or yours or even the most trending gifts that will make them feel special. Here are best just thinking of you gift ideas for your husband/wife.

1) Thinking of You Savory Harvest Gift Basket

Thinking of You Savory Harvest Gift Basket

It is the best way to let someone special know what is going on in their life in their absence. As they are not around their sweetheart, their life tastes exactly like this gift- savor. The gourmet fruit gift basket includes the fresh-cut orchard fruit along with favorite savor delicacies- dry salami kebab and cheese. And there are many more as well to bring water to their mouth. But whatever the taste is, it is a sad basket with a major missing message. Especially ‘Thinking of You’ ribbon makes it more special to the one it is presented. Online gift delivery USA makes the best of these gift baskets.

2) Sweets Gift Basket

Sweets Gift Basket

Sweets are the best delicacy to gift to someone who is missing their other half badly. Cravings are the best solution to the feelings. Inside a sweet gift basket, you can insert as many varieties of sweet dish samples as much you want. But the basket has to be as deep and customized as possible. Otherwise, there are readymade baskets of sweets with a single kind of sweets or various other types of sweets. If your beloved has a sweet-tooth, he/she will just devour the tasty basket as quickly as possible.

3) Monogrammed Wine Glass

Monogrammed Wine Glass

A gift with a personalization always brings in ownership. When you love someone, you have this feeling to own them. When the person is not around, you can send him gifts that will be of use. For example, a wine glass is often held by the person. So, you can personalize it with a monogram of the person’s initials and yours with a love sign in between. If that is a pair, you can keep each other’s monogrammed glasses. So, every time you are to have a sip or gulp from it, it will remind you that you are missing your beloved.

4) Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars

If you are to make your spouse feel loved; this is one of the most perfect ways. Chocolate bars are the only gift that brings smiles instantly to a gloomy face that is missing someone badly. And if it is the person’s favorite, then only you can make him/her the happiest, as usual, spouses know each other’s favorites the best. There are varieties of romantic chocolates available online. If your beloved is an enthusiastic one, then you can try various new tastes of chocolates as well.

5) Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

Mason Jar Indoor Flower Garden

Flowers are the best gifts that you can send to your beloved as a token of your major missing. But as we are very much associated with the flat culture, we rarely have space for the garden outside our home. SO, the best solution is an indoor garden. You will know his/her favorite plants. You can help her gifting the Mason jar indoor flower garden plants to create her/his own space of wild inside her/his home. This is one of the best thinking of you gift ideas for hubby or wifey.

6) Thinking of You Cookie Gram

Thinking of You Cookie Gram

Cookies are partners or rather witnesses of many beautiful moments in married life. Every bitter-sweet thing you have shared is on the coffee table. So, when you are thinking of your beloved, you can send a jar filled with his/her favorite cookies along with yours. When he/she will be having this, all the good moments will come to his/her mind that you have shared with your spouse. Such a gift is an amazing way to make you think of beloved and let him/her know.

7) Missing You Gift Personalized Candle

Missing You Gift Personalized Candle

A personalized gift is always the best gift ideas for thinking of you. Some things are very personal. One of them is the smell. Your spouse will know the best what is your favorite smell. As thinking of you gift, a personalized candle will be very good. Different online gift shops sell fragrant candles. You can buy according to his/her choice and make it a gift to her. Or if you are staying apart, you can gift your favorite smell candles. So, when they light them, the fragrance will make her feel you are around.

A couple is always lost in thoughts of each other. Above are the best just thinking of you gift ideas for your beloved spouses.

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