5 Best Hot Air Balloon Birthday Party Ideas for Children

The Balloons are our kids favourite, the balloons brings spark to any birthday party. Balloons are jolly and cheerful and so children have fun with it. Balloons are used as decoration supply as well as kids can play with it like a ball. But nowadays balloons have become so common and they are almost used as decoration in every occasion. So why not try something new. So here we are with birthday party ideas with the help of hot air balloons. They can either be cardboard made imitating the real hot air balloons or we can go crafty and make them with the help of balloons, decorative light round lantern, strings and a small cardboard box.

1) Hot Air Balloon Decoration

Hot air balloon Decoration

This is both a very difficult as well as easiest jobs because if you get readymade cardboard parachutes or hot air balloons online or in the store you have to just decorate them in the venue. Or else you will have to try your hands on art and craft and make different types of hot air balloons with the help of pinterest. Once the Hot Air Balloons are ready you can decorate them in a circular manner, hang few of them on the ceiling and different places to make the venue look amazing.  You can also make Hot Air Balloons Garland and paste it on the entrance of the venue. Above the hot air balloons you can hang cotton in such a way that it looks like cloud. This would give really interesting look and do justice to the theme.

2) Birthday Party Food

Birthday Party Food

The first most important thing for hosting a birthday party or any other event is selecting the food items and dishes. For deciding on the menu for the party you have to consider children’s desire because all your child’s friends would be invited. We can order birthday cupcakes online which has a small printed hot air balloon on the cupcake. You can opt for some pastels colours as kids love these colours and it would go well with their dressing. The decor will match their clothes colour scheme and get some wonderful pictures of them together. There can be a theme based Hot Air Balloon Cake, macrons, pizza chocolate pops. And healthy drinks admired by children.

3) Birthday Party Favours

Birthday Party Favours

One thing I advice all the parents is when you are inviting kids for your child’s birthday, never let them go empty handed to their houses. Whenever they see your child’s birthday party deep down they too get excited for their birthday. And wish to have so much fun. For curing them of this you can give them some amazing board games, superheroes, Barbie etc as return gifts. They would be overwhelmed to receive such gifts and cherish it for a really long time. You can also gift them Hot Air Balloons from decoration if they are wooed away by them. And make sure you decide return gifts in such that children from 7 to 12 years can enjoy it.

4) Hot Air Balloon Cake Pop

Hot Air Balloon Cake Pop

Now that theme is already decided, why not we keep some delicious and fancy snacks for food? One such snack is Cake pops. Cake pops are like lollipops in appearance. The cake pops are made up of same ingredients the cake is made of. You can make cake pops like hot air balloons; they would even without the try they would look like hot air balloon because that lollipop will give it the same look. These hot air balloons will not only look pretty but they will also be very yummy in taste. You can make balloon delivery NYC for your friends staying there.

5) Table Decoration with Hot Air Balloon

If you are hosting an evening birthday party outside the home that is in backyard or garden, it will look so good. You can arrange these lights hot air balloons on the food counter or on the dining area. This will give charm to the party and add to the decor of the birthday party celebration. You can get 2D printed hot air balloon garlands and decorate it around the edges of the dining table. This will look unique and quirky. You can make birthday balloon delivery to your friends and relatives staying miles away from you and convey your message.

Thus give your child this unique theme birthday celebration and let him and his friends have best time at the party.

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