7+ Party Balloon Games for Child’s Birthday Party

Balloons are kid’s best friends in fact nobody can unhappy with the balloons. So if we have any celebration calling we have balloons for all fun and enjoyment to jolly our occasion. On the top balloons are also very cost effective which makes it a sheer delight. we can use as party balloon games.

Here we have many cheerful and exciting games which can lighten up your child’s birthday party and make the birthday a memorable one.

Balloon Seize

This game requires 5 to 10 kids and balloons double to triple their strength. The kids need to have the hold of number of balloons they are capable to seize. They can use all of their body parts, snatching it in their arms, gripping them in between their legs, plucking with their teeth and how not. Various other ways can be explored making it peppy to watch as well play, both spectators as well as players will of full cheerfulness.

Ice Balloons

“Winter is coming”! Yes you guess it right when you are enjoying the season of got, your kids can enjoy this game of making ice balloons. Items required here are too handy some balloons, friendly water colors, a pair of scissors and a cold weather which is why winter. You need to inflate the balloon and fill it with water one third to two third size of it along with it you can also add different watercolors for some magical outcomes and knot up them. Once it’s doing set them in a tray at your backyard or garden and allow them to get frozen. After they are freeze pierce the balloon with the help of scissors. And he results you will have in front of your eyes will unimaginable. We even deliver in spine chilling cold at balloon delivery Chicago.

Stuff the Balloons

Here we have one of best jaw hurting out of laughter kind of game which is so suitable to be play at anyone’s birthday party. It requires 5 to 10 participants which make it more exciting and ten times the number of balloons of the participants; we also require oversize tees or pants where the inflated balloons can be stuff. The player over his clothes wears the given pair of over sized clothes and tries his best to stuff maximum number of inflatable balloons making himself look twice to thrice bigger than his actual size.

Protect The Balloons

Get ready to be the avenger to save your balloon and destroy your enemy’s balloon. Take a string or a material alike which can be wrap around your waist or limbs along with providing yourself room to protecting your balloon and damaging your competitor’s balloons. The objective here is to safeguard your own balloon and bursting your opponent’s balloons, this game can be play in teams also make it Avengers vs. X-Men but make sure it’s under  supervision of elders so that no one gets hurt.

Pass your Balloons

Turn on your favourite tracks of Justin Beiber, Rihanna, and Beyonce any of your admired artists groove to the beats and play along passing the balloon. To make it more cheering have minimum 10 kids and assign 1 the task of playing and stopping the music. As each of them gets out make them dance, sing or recite any joke if its birthday boy or girl Birthday bums are allow. Crown the winner with the biggest share of the cake.

Balloon Painting

This one’s to get out inner artist in your kids. It can provide them set of friendly colors some decorative stuff to make their piece of art more attractive. Various designs can do on the inflated balloon; inflated balloon can be dip in paints which will engrave creative artistic designs on balloons. Also with semi inflated balloons different patterns and designs can be draw on a paper and make art pieces. We provide a wide range of balloons like air filled balloons, helium filled balloons, foil balloons, metallic balloons and all variants of balloon at your doorstep with balloon delivery NYC.

Surprise Pop

Firstly who is not fond of balloons moreover who doesn’t crazy over balloons filled with your favourite candies. Blow balloons and fill treats like candies, lollies, toys etc. Hang the balloons, hide them somewhere around the corner of the room and then let the kids treasure for balloons. Go blushing over the tiny treats and surprises they find inside the balloon after popping the balloons.

Balloon Waddle Race

This game on the list can play outdoors which requires as many numbers of balloons as the participants. The player needs to place the balloon between two leg. Or in between their knees in order that it doesn’t drop very easily. There has to be drawn a starting and a finishing line. And one who crosses the finishing line without dropping the balloons is crowned as a winner.

We also have games like Balloon & spoon race, Balloon Power, Balloon Painting which thrills the kids throughout birthday party of your loved one aching their stomach and legs laughing and enjoying at their fullest. Balloons and Balloon games are part of our every celebration and are admir irrespective of the age groups.
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