5 Birthday Cake Ideas According to the Specific Theme

For Kids Birthday Part the major attraction is the Birthday Cake. The Birthday Boy/Girl, as well as all his friends, are so excited about the Birthday Cake. They are always curious to know what the cake will be like at their friend’s birthday celebration. Nowadays there are various themes for birthday parties and so the cake has to be decided according to the theme. Many times parents don’t give much importance to the cake during their kids’ birthday and opt for sheet or regular cakes and that’s where they go wrong. So the next time you are planning for your child’s birthday take our suggestions into consideration which are as follows.

Giant Burger Cake for Backyard BBQ Theme

BBQ theme parties are too much fun. This theme is perfect for all the foodie kids and everyone else. So a Cake in shape of a Giant Burger will be the best for this theme. You can order the cake online or visit the nearest shop to get it customized. Cake with perfect details of burgers having buns, lettuce, patties, tomatoes and everything so similar that a kid will be really surprised when he will have its first bite. The fluffy layers of the cake will astonish the youngsters too, those sausages, ketchup, mustard making tall and delicious burger shaped cake. The frosting and the cake overall would be so artistic that kids would love it and this cake would make the best BBQ themed party.

Barbie Dress Birthday Cake for Princess Cake

This is most common yet the most beautiful birthday for your daughter’s next birthday party. If you are having a princess themed party then this Barbie Dressed Birthday Cake is best suited to it. Here the Barbie Doll is used to complete Gown. Bright colors are used to make the gown of the Barbie doll. The icing and frosting are done of exciting and delicious flavors like strawberry and pineapple. The basic concept of the cake is to make it ready as a Ball gown and the upper half is added by inserting a plastic Barbie doll. So now you don’t need to worry about the gift as once the cake is completed your daughter will get a beautiful Barbie doll which just requires to get cleaned.

Giant Candy Bar Cake for Chocolate Theme

Who doesn’t love candy bars? So if you’re having a chocolate theme this Giant Candy Bar Cake will make a wonderful theme cake. You can choose any Candy Bar your kid admires like Snickers, Mars, Toblerone, Twix, Kit-Kat, and The Milky Way. Birthday cake delivery can be done for this cake as you will get a wide range of cakes online. Kids would be so happy seeing Candy Bar-shaped cake, for more excitement you can get it customized of a slightly open wrapper of the candy bar. This will look more appealing to the kid’s eye and obviously it will taste as sweet as the candy bar itself.

The Make-Up Cake for Sweet Sixteen

Is she entering her teenage? Then introducing her to girly things like make-up, purses and stuff is the best idea. So you must get her Make-Up Cake for this sixteenth birthday party. So the girls when entering their teenage they start getting conscious about their looks so why not add all the stuff in her birthday cake which she would apparently use for the next whole year and coming years. A simple cake with a white layer and artistically placing fondue made make-up items like lipstick, mascara, eyeshadows, nail paint, blusher, foundation, necklace and a purse would light up her face as well as the whole birthday party.

Rainbow Cake for Rainbow Theme

This is the newest favorite cake for all the kids. The bright and cheerful rainbow colors make the best rainbow themed cake. It could be of VIBGYOR colors from outside as well as from the inside. The base should be baked by adding food color to seven different layers and it could be designed like an actual shape and appearance of a rainbow. Order cake online must be made to get exciting flavors and designs for your kids Rainbow themed Birthday.

 As you know Birthdays are so dear to your kids. So put proper efforts are to be made for making their birthday memorable one and nothing can do that better than a perfect cake. So the next time you are preparing for your child’s birthday invest some time for their birthday cakes too.

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