5 Occasions that You Can Send Healthy and Juicy Fruit Basket

Occasions are always there in our life. There is a Bengali proverb that in twelve months there are thirteen occasions. When you talk about the occasions, the immediate follow on is the gift you have to send to your relatives. Fruit basket is a unique idea for your relatives. But this gift does not fit in all the occasions. Here are 5 occasions where healthy and juicy fruit basket will be the perfect gift.


Thanksgiving is an occasion that we all celebrate to express our gratitude to our closest ones. We have those superheroes in our family who is there for us in our bad times. The whole concept of thanksgiving is for them. In this occasion we pray for their good health. So, nothing is better than a fruit basket to send them in this occasion. Besides there are fruits like citrus that you can use in your sweet potato casserole dish. A fruit basket full of juicy healthy fruit is always the best centerpiece for the dining table. You can choose fruits for a customized fruit basket as well. Many gift basket delivery sites provide such facility.

First Day of Winter

Winter is a curse for the deciduous trees. But this season is a heaven for fruits. Winter brings with it a huge variety of fruits to enjoy for people of all age. So, we should celebrate the arrival of this season on nature’s canvas. The official date of winter arriving in here is 21st December. But it is just a date; winter might come to nature anytime near. Fruits of citrus category are best to fill the fruit basket for your family’s gift. The fruits include orange and pomegranate. Grapes are another fruit that you can cherish in winter. So a fruit basket full of varieties of winter delicacies will get any person a wide smile on their face.


Winter is a season of sports. On this season, you will find number of football and rugby matches. And whenever there is a game in the stadium, there will be an inevitable tailgating. Tailgate parties are mandatory after a breath-taking game. Orange baskets are the best gift basket for kids who attend such matches with patience. The guests will be appreciating your effort to send them such sweet and healthy fresh fruits. Tailgating can be a event or occasion in any season.

Get Well Soon

We always pray for the good health of everyone around us. But life is unfortunate. And being just a puppet to it, sometimes we have to face bad days. People may fall ill and have to get admitted to hospitals. When we go to meet them the two most important things we must carry are flowers and get well soon gifts. Fruit is the best choice for get well soon gifts. You can customize your get well soon basket according to the season. This gift is to encourage that soul and a message for their speedy recovery.


Housewarming gifts are always the special and the useful ones. You can choose to give crockery as gifts. Fruits are also a great idea but if only the ones receiving gifts are fond of it. Besides, in a friend’s housewarming party, you can choose to gift wine. Wine delivery gift is the best online site to buy any wine or winery gifts for housewarming occasion.

Fruit basket is the best gift but make sure the person you are sending to must like it. Above are the best occasions to send fruitlicious gift to your close ones.

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