Red Holiday Christmas Cookies Desserts Photo Collage

Christmas is on its way to give us beautiful memories again. We are those people who cannot live without celebrations. Our lives are on timelines all throughout the year. We run behind the deadlines. We pressure ourselves so much that we never get enough time to meet and greet our beloved ones. SO, the only option left is Christmas since it is the holiday time. We all celebrate Christmas in a very intensive manner. We arrange for parties and gatherings with food and gifts. Christmas is a very special time for such celebration as it is winter. There are varieties of delicacies in this time. Especially the desserts in winter are just the best part of a celebration feast. Here is a list of the 7 best Christmas desserts ideas for a perfect holiday spread. These gifts would make their Christmas a special one.

1) Double White Chocolate Cake

Double White Chocolate Cake

 The best part of chocolates is the different varieties. Of which, the most special ones are the white chocolate. Dark chocolates also taste great. But since, it has an overload of cocoa, people find it a little bitter. SO, a better choice is the white chocolate. A double white chocolate cake means two thick layers of white chocolate are there in the cake. One can decorate it in a special way like spreading whipped flavored crèmes on them. One can also add sprinkles on it. It is one of the Top 10 delicious Christmas cakes for celebrating this occasion.

2) Merry Christmas Chocolate Box

 Christmas is all about loving and living with each other. On this occasion we meet and greet our beloved ones. SO a gift is a must for this occasion. Chocolate goes well for any occasion. There are assorted merry Christmas chocolate boxes available in the online shops. There are different flavors and sizes of these assorted chocolates. The chocolates can have different flavors and topping as well. A merry Christmas chocolate box would be an ideal Christmas gift. You can Deliver Christmas cake along with the chocolate box to give your beloved a surprise. Such a combination gift box would make your beloved’s Christmas a special one.

3) Basket of Chocolates & Cookies

Basket of Chocolates & Cookies

If you want your beloved’s Christmas to be a great one, a seasonal festive gift would play a great part. Winter is a time for devouring on delicacies. Chocolates and cookies are the never ending essence of the winter. Christmas evenings are just incomplete without these two precious tastes. You can choose a mixed basket. Or you can customize the chocolate and cookies varieties to fill the basket. Some of the Top selling Christmas chocolates are Hershey’s and Toblerone. Besides, there are Godiva and Ghirardelli chocolates as well. Also there are cookies varieties as well. From chocolate chips to ginger cinnamon- the taste has a wide range. It will enrich the dessert table the best.

4) Stylish Box of Red Roses & Chocolates

Celebrating love in every occasion is something we love to do. Whenever there is occasion, we always think about to make our beloveds feel special in it. To make love special and happy, the best thing to gift is roses. Rose is the flower of love; red is the color of love. And as a perfect add on, chocolate is the taste of love. Christmas is a purpose of spreading love and happiness only. So, this combination gift can make a special Christmas gift as well. You can always choose to Send Christmas chocolates online to your beloved living at a distance. Such a gift would make their Christmas celebration worth special.

5) Chocolate Swiss Roll

Chocolate Swiss Roll

Chocolate has innumerable varieties of delicacies around. Both cakes and chocolates taste well. How about pairing them together! That would be a blast in the mouth. People always love to send unique gifts to their beloved ones. This Swiss chocolate role would make an amazing Christmas gift. There is a rolled cake and in between the layers, there is thick chocolate cream spread. People cut the cake into slices and enjoy the essence of it. In winter, with tea or coffee, this chocolate Swiss roll would go amazingly well.

6) Rocher Choco Bouquet

Rocher Choco Bouquet

Everyone loves chocolate irrespective of our age and choices. Now among the chocolates, there are certain types which are more popular. One such popular chocolate is the Ferraro Rochar. A Ferraro Rochar consists of three layers. The outer layer is of crunchy wafers. The middle layer is of thick molten chocolate. And the inner most layer is that of a hazel nut. This is the most popular chocolate around the whole world. Such a chocolate would make a diligent bouquet. Such a beautiful bouquet will take the recipient on cloud nine. And it would draw a perfect end to the grand Christmas dinner as well.

People can hardly imagine a dessert without the sweet taste. And chocolates are always the chocolate are the sweetest. Chocolates define the dessert table. And about Christmas, the feast has to be grand enough. The perfect way to call an end to this grand feast is to order varieties of desserts. Above are the best and tastiest desserts to prepare for the Christmas celebration. It would also be great Christmas gifts as well. The tastes will linger long on the guests’ mouth. They will remember such celebration even long.