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Top 10 Delicious Christmas Cake You Can Try This Holiday Season


Do not always go through baking books to bake a Christmas cake instead you can search for the world’s most popular cakes for Christmas. Festival is all about something delicious and there is no dessert better than a Cake. Different countries have their special Christmas cake so you can indulge yourself in cake delicacy from around the world and celebrate your Christmas. Christmas stands for merriment, bliss and hope and all these stands for delicious and exciting things. This time we are here with some of the most amazing cakes across the globe especially for Christmas which you can enjoy at the special festival. Sitting at one corner of the world you can experience the indulgent and sumptuous cake celebrating the festive season surrounded by your near and dear ones.

1. United Kingdom: Christmas Cake :


This Christmas fruit cake is very popular in the United Kingdom in the United Kingdom and is prepared two months before Christmas so that it could be soaked in brandy. Along with this cake, other traditional Cakes served during this time are the Chocolate Log or Yule Log. The Chocolate log comprises of Swiss roll that is coated within chocolate so that it looks like a log.

2. Poland: Makowiec :


This cake is basically a roll that is made from sweet yeast dough along with poppy seed paste on the inside of the mushy cake. This cake is either flat or rolled and poppy seeds are traditionally put in several Christmas cuisines. This cake can be prepared with apricot filling also. This cake is a must-have for Christmas and Easter and this cake can be eaten both as dessert and snack. You can eat this cake at breakfast and it tastes so good with a cup of tea or coffee. This cake though not very sweet so you can pour little glaze to add sweetness to each bite of this cake.

3. US and Canada: The Fruit Cake :


This cake is a common delight in the USA and Canada. This cake is very simple yet very tasty. You have to preheat the oven and grease and flour the tube pan. Combine sugar, flour, spices, eggs, brandy, lemon rind, vanilla in a large bowl. Mix everything thoroughly and pour it in a prepared pan. Bake it for an hour and then cool on a wiring rack. You can wrap the cake in foil and sprinkle two tablespoons of brandy over the cake every day for two weeks for the added taste.

4. Germany: Christstollen :


This cake is also called Weihnachtsstollen. This is a traditional Christmas fruit cake that was baked in 1545 for the very first time at the Council of Trent. This Christmas cake recipe calls for the precise proportions of butter, fruits, almonds, icing sugar, and nuts. The original cake is so loved that today there is a Dresden Stollen Association that regulates the production of the cake ensuring that any cake bearing the brand name Dresden Christollen is made accurately using an official recipe of the cake.

5. Portugal: Bolo Rei :


This recipe is originally from France but this cake arrived in Portugal in the 19th century. This Portuguese Christmas Cake also called King Cake in English is round with a hole in the center that resembles a crown. The cake is covered with crystallized and dry fruit. The shape of the cake is like a crown in reference to the story of three kings called bolo rei. This cake is relished by the locals for the whole festive period that starts from the Christmas to Dias de Reis on January. Thus this cake is unique and traditional in its own way.

6. Italy: Pandoro :


This is a light and fluffy cake that is yeasty and sweet. This Christmas cake is dusted with vanilla scented icing sugar to make it resemble the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps during Christmas. This cake is often sliced and filled with the layers of cream and gelato for that extra sumptuousness. Order christmas cake online and add to Christmas cheers with sweet and delicious Christmas cake on this beautiful festival.

7. Philippines: The Yellow Pound Cake :


The Philippines have bright yellow pound cakes as their Christmas Cakes. These cakes are usually fruit cakes ad soaked in a copious amount of brandy or rum that is mixed with syrup of palm sugar and water. According to the tradition, civet musk is also added to the cake. More commonly rose water and orange flower water are added as civet musk is expensive.

8. France: Galette Des Rois :


This is often referred to as a puffed pastry that is filled with almond paste. This cake traditionally is eaten after Christmas around the New Year and recently this cake has gained so much popularity. That’s why the bakers are selling this cake for the entire winter season and so it is considered as a Christmas Cake in France. The cake is made with the layers of buttered puff pastry which is filled with almond cream or paste and it is later topped with powdered sugar. This cake has so many different flavors in it which makes it an ideal choice for relishing with your near and dear ones for the holiday season.

9. Mexico: Tres Leches Cake :


This cake is actually a moist milk based cake that is traditionally served in Mexico at the time of Christmas. This cake is very famous in the southern regions of America and it is prepared with butter-based sponge cake which is later soaked in three kinds of milk that are condensed, evaporated and regular. This cake is a sheer joy and flavorful piece of joy for the eaters.

10. Spain: Tarta de Santiago :


This cake originated from the northern parts of Galicia and it consists of one of the most important elements of the Spanish cake that are almonds. Decoration of this cake includes a St. James cross that is formed on the top of the cake with the help of icing sugar. Make christmas gift delivery to your friends and relatives and wish them Merry Christmas through special festive gifts.

We hope these Mouthwatering and delicious christmas cakes around the world makes your Christmas Celebration sweeter and savory.

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