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7 Yummy and Delightful Christmas Cake Idea


Christmas is the celebration time and it’s time to learn a beautiful lesson about cake decoration. Decorating a cake is a nice attempt and it really attracts the crowd. But it’s not as easy as you think. You need to be very careful about ingredients and measurements. Well apart from this Christmas cake delivery, is give much more importance. You can browse here for the ways to decorate a Christmas cake, please check the down subtopics. We have made a list of thoughtful Christmas cake Idea to impress guests.

1] Winter woodland Christmas Cake

Winter woodland Christmas Cake

As December month arrives it started flowing the cool waves. You can simply elaborate the chilled season by making a winter woodland Christmas cake. You need pine cones which are spray-painted with glitters. Now take cake and frost it with white fondant sheet to make iced image and set pine cones on the top. Cover the round base cake with red ribbon. Use sugar liquid to glue ribbon. The winter land is ready to set for table display.

2] Marzipan snowflake Christmas Cake

Marzipan snowflake Christmas Cake

It’s a very simple trick to make marzipan snowflake cake. Use marzipan layer to cover the base. Now use cookie cutters to make marzipan stars. Press it on the marzipan layer with water. Now sprinkle the edible glitters to highlight the Christmas night. Now cover the down round edges with silk ribbon.

3] Fruit and Nut Christmas Cake

Fruit and Nut Christmas Cake

You can raise the awareness for healthy ingredient by adding fruits and nuts in decorating cake. Spread the apricot jam layer first to glue the dried fruits and nuts. Now use multiples of dried canned berries, fresh strawberries, Brazil nuts and pecans to adorn the top layer of cake. Use striped ribbon to cover the edge of cake.

4] Santa Claus Christmas Cake

Santa Claus Christmas Cake

Santa brings happiness and good future in Christmas homes. So let’s welcome Santa with unique cake personalized in Santa theme. Here you need a cake covered with white fondant sheet. You need red, green and black color fondant sheets to make a Santa face on cake. You can take help of some sharp cutters to make a cute face. Use green sheet to make a bag, use pink, red and white sheet to make a face and black for eyes. Cute cake is ready to warmly welcome Santa Claus in home.

5] Floating Starts Cake

Floating Starts Cake

You can create the image of a floating star on the cake by using this simple trick. White fondant sheet is necessary to display a snowfall. Cover cake with white fondant sheet. It should be thick because you need to cut star shapes inside. Use a cookie cutter and cut the star shapes on the top layer of fondant sheet. Now fill this empty space with silver balls. You can use some water to press it downside. press it gently. Floating stars cake is ready to sparkle the Christmas night.

6] Pine Tree Forest Cake

Pine Tree Forest Cake

Pine tree forest cake is supreme matches with the holiday season. Here you need white vanilla frosting to see the wonderland. Now decorate the upper layer with faux Christmas trees. Or else you can use molds to set chocolates in a pine tree form. Use sticks to stand them inside the cake. Once they are frozen and set use it to decorate the top layer of cake. you are very close to show the cool waves and forest side of this season.

7] Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

Personalized ginger-man chocolates are readily available in market. Here you need not to take burden much. Just cover the base cake with lots of royal icing as per the instructions on the packet. Now tie a silk ribbon around the edges of the cake. Apply castor sugar and water to glue it. Use this paste to stick the chocolate ginger men on the silk ribbon. Also, give candy sticks on sides to give a finishing touch. It’s a superb idea to give your cake a traditional yet a designer look.

You can adjust your time and well plan to make cake in advance. Cake can be saved for week so you can make use of these ingredients to bake cake at home. It’s your choice you use this trick of buy cake from online shops. Christmas gift delivery is also helpful to find the better most fresh baked cakes straightway delivered to heartiest one’s premise. So you are no way wrong in buying cakes online. But if you are passionate to bake a cake at home, then you are free to use this article.

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