10 Delightful Christmas Cake Around the World

The ritual of eating cake is still on the board. The cake is eaten in and around the Christmas is a tradition that followed by everyone around the world. People wait for much for this occasion to eat the good food around. If you are striking for how to make a delightful Christmas cake this year, we are here to help you. Make the simple cake a unique cake by adding some twist to it. You will definitely worth it by following our Christmas cake ideas, please see to it hereunder.

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1. Merry Christmas Cake


merry christmas cake


December month is the winter month when snow falls and Santa bells ringing. You can incorporate both the things by showing the snowy effect on the cake. The sky blue fondant cake is perfect for delivering the X’mas spirit. Now use cutters and stencils to decorate the snowy tree and horse of Santa on it. Also, use Name cutters to top a Merry Christmas word with white frosting. Pipe the border with snow-white icing. Merry Christmas cake is ready to elevate the snowy side of Christmas.


2. Modern Mosaic Style Cake


mordern mosaic style cake


You can illustrate the modern style design by displaying the shapes in festive colours. Just you need a cookie cutter of shapes to stick it on the simple fondant cake. You can take any of colour and make a bold design on the cake. This one is good for making the quickest bold cake. If you wish you can specify the outside borders using whipping crème borders.


3. Stamped Holiday Cake


Stamped holiday cake


Use stamped holly leaves to décor the motifs and details on simple fondant covered cakes. Berries appeal the Christmas spirit. This looks like a holy wreath surrounded by little motifs and berries. If you wish you can make the motifs using the sugar sheet and keep it in freeze before night. This way you can save your time of decorating it.


4. Penguin Christmas Cake


penguin christmas cake


Penguins display the snowy season of December month. You can add fun character to the cake by decorating the Penguin on the top. Also, put the gift box, Christmas tree invites the sparkling Christmas season. If you are perfect in creating the modelling characters, this is the perfect cake to adorn the cake table.


5. Christmas Tree Cake


Christmas tree cake


Let’s add more fun to this fest by making the Christmas tree cake. It is difficult but at the end, it gives your cake table a vibrant Christmas look. You can use candy canes, snow and hand painted bubbles to make it possible. See the edible boxes adorn in downside from wafer paper and tied it with fondant bows. This cake has all the abilities to win the heart of guests.

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6. Chocolate Coconut Cake


Chocolate coconut cake


Let the winter season flaunt and disclose the Christmas spirit. Here is the chocolate cake frosted with shredded coconut. White chocolate trees on the top execute the snowy fest of Santa.


7. Candy Cane Peppermint and White Chocolate Cake


Candy cane peppermint and white chocolate cake


it is the easiest and simple recipe for the cake. Get the fondant cake adorn with M & M’s all around the bottom edge. Don’t powder the peppermints, let it remain coarse. Now sprinkle that peppermint on the top. Now use mini candy canes to make a little crown image on it. Divide the portion into six parts by adding melted chocolate lines on the top.


8. Chocolate Peppermint Holiday Cake


Chocolate peppermint holiday cake


This delectable cake is officially registered for the peppermint and chocolate lovers. Chocolate and peppermint are very well compliments to cake.


9. Eggnog Cake


eggnog cake


Display the winter side of Christmas by decorating the cake frosting with eggnog butter crème. This fluffy cake is buttered with all lovely spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and other sweet matching spices.


10. Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake


Chocolate raspberry mousse cake


A three-layer cake looks fantastic when served at the cake table. Check this cake wonderfully build with the first layer of chocolate, raspberry and vanilla mousse. This cake has every taste to wonder the guests. A melted chocolate on it slips to the down floor of scrumptious chocolate brownie layer. While raspberry on the top executes the luscious flavour of raspberry on the middle floor.

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