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7 Best Cakes that Make Easy Hosting Christmas for Australia

Best Cake for Hosting Christmas in Australia

December is a festival month. It is the Christianity and Judaism that have their origin festival in this period of time. But the whole world celebrates these festivals. If one has to name a universal festival, it is none other than Christmas. And Christmas has its own symbol of representation. It is the Christmas cake. So, being the host month of Christmas, December as a whole month we celebrate with cakes. Here are a few delicacies of cakes that are famous in Australia.

Delicious Hazelnut Chocolate Tart


Chocolate is such a flavor of cake that anybody hates. A hazelnut chocolate tart is a favorite delicacy for Christmas. This cake is super delicious and is a great flavor. This cake is full of a soft chocolate butter mass. In there is ‘roasted–hazelnut’ with a chocolate coating. It is 12 people delight that one can have with coffee. Or with a scoop of ice-cream, it can be a great recommendation for dessert. Such a gift for Christmas family/ friends party will turn the party memorable forever.

Red Velvet Crème Cheese Cake


Velvet cake has become a recent trend in Christmas celebrations. A yummy red velvet cake can be a mouth-watering Christmas delight for your family party. It is a light contain cake so it is good for health-conscious people as well. What besides you get in it is a unique flavor cream cheese frosting. Powdered-sugar and chocolate are the attractive toppings on the cake. A red velvet crème cheesecake is of such size that it can serve 12 people with efficiency. Order such a stunning cake as a gift from online Christmas cake delivery sites.

Fresh Fruit Cake with Rich Cream


A fruitcake is a tasty-cum-healthy Christmas gift. As per its name, this cake is full of delicious fruits. This is an airy fruit delicacy full of soft muscovite chocolate. The raspberry-cassis mousse with whipped-cream will be the biggest attraction. The pieces of roasted-almond are the surprises between. The biggest advantage of this cake is that it is available in different shapes. You can order for 12 to 30 people, the variety of shapes and sizes are available. The fresh fruit slices atop gives it a refreshing look and irresistible urge.

Brownie Truffle Cake


A brownie truffle cake has a velvety chocolate mousse base of soft brownie. It has a delicious topping of dark chocolate and cocoa crust. When you gather for a small house party on Christmas eve, this cake will be the perfect dessert. One cannot find the bigger shape of it but it is efficient to serve 12 people at once. This cake is such a famous taste of the cake that it is a popular choice for customers on any non-festive day as well.

Luxurious Chocolate Caramel Cake


Luxurious chocolate caramel cake is a rare and royal sweet delicacy. It is a pure creamy caramel mousse with a balsamic hint. The caramel brownie base brings the essence of the cake. The last surprise to its beautiful decoration is the cape gooseberries. Christmas party in specific becomes food-i-licious in the presence of such cake as dessert. This cake is also a fine cake for a 12 person group. But yes, if you need more you can order them online. Such a cake can be a very classy choice for Christmas party gifts at the office/a colleague’s party.

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake


It is impossible to replace the essence of the Christmas celebration. Though what one can do is change the traditional practices a little bit. How about besides having fun, gobble on healthy cakes? As many people are now the victim of diabetes, this cake is the ideal one for them. It has a praline cream and Belgian chocolate at the top of the gluten-free cake. On this Christmas holiday, send online cake to Australia. This cake is a little thinner in comparison. It best serves 8 people, but somehow manages to feed 10 people at once.

Slagrooms with Schnitt Cream


This cake has some new quality in it. The ingredients in this cake are soft cake and whipped cream. Besides, there is a fresh fruity filling that decorates the sugar confetti. This cake is available on online sites and is very reasonable as well. To make your Christmas party a memorable one, insert this fruity delight in your dessert menu.

Here are the reasons why December is cakes. Hurry up as Christmas is at the doorstep. Choose any one or more of the above cakes and make your party a grand success this Christmas.

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