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17 Creative Christmas Gifts for Chocoholics in Your Life

Are you and your dear ones are chocoholic? Do you want a unique chocolate gift for your loved one this Christmas? Let’s see how creative you can be in Christmas Gifts for Chocoholics in Your Life.

List of 17 Creative Ideas For Chocolate Lovers

1. Chocolates – Itself 

What is that one thing you cannot miss in any festival? Chocolates…Be it Christmas or Hanukkah or Thanksgiving chocolates are a must. It is an amazing gift because, hey! Who doesn’t love chocolates? Just because it is a gift, you do not have to buy a box of chocolates with 40-50 of them in it since if your budget is tight, the quality of the chocolates may not be that good. However, if you even send Christmas chocolates to lovers that is a great present. It is best to test the small blobs of deliciousness out before presenting them to someone.

2. Chocolate Gift Baskets 

For any chocoholic the perfect present is probably a chocolate gift basket. You can make your own basket by buying chocolates of your choice or what you think the receiver of the gift would like and use simple props to decorate the basket with this easy steps. But if you feel that it is too much for you to go to take all the pain, then make use of the 21st century technology and chocolate delivery online facilities. This holiday season gift your loved ones a gift basket full of chocolate truffles, crackles, peppermint candies and much more. That is just enough to make someone’s day.

3. Chocolate Wine (Liqueurs) 

The best part about chocolate liqueurs is that they taste like chocolates, have a twist and can be both inexpensive and expensive. It is a bold and beautiful gift for people who like to drink and share the love for chocolates. You can easily gift a box of small chocolate bottles with various kinds of liqueurs filled inside like French wine, jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, danzka cranberyraz vodka and much more with burning a hole in your pocket.

4. Chocolate Printed T-Shirts 

Clothes can be gifted in any occasion, but why doesn’t make it a little more fun instead of always gifting the classy outfit? Present your loved ones with T-shirts having a tub of nutella printed on the front or a walking chocolate bar. You can remain assured that it will become a favorite in his/her wardrobe as a casual wear because every time the person wears the t-shirt the mind is going to wander off to the land of heavenly deliciousness. You can easily customize the look and order it online or go to any personalized gift store to get the t-shirt of your choice.

5. Chocolate Bar Key chain 

Well, if chocolates and cakes and even T-shirts are not enough, then maybe just add another trinket to the list – a chocolate bar keychain, but make sure the receiver doesn’t bite it off just because it looks like a chocolate bar! These key chains are also available in forms or candies, truffles, Choco-sticks, and not just in the form of bars.

You don’t have to run from store to store in order to find the perfect little keychain. Simply get your gifts delivery by buying it online.

6. Flowery Cookies 

We almost forgot about cookies didn’t we? Flower shaped chocolate cookies decorated with sweet icing to look like colorful flowers! Well, how does it get any better? Not only do they look amazing, but are also the perfect gift for sweet-tooths. Such cookies are easily available in the market, but if you want to make them a little more personal then why not bake them at home? All the materials for baking cookies are not difficult to get, so all you have to do is put your baking skills to use.

They will be perfect as evening snacks or with a mug of hot chocolate or whenever you crave for something sweet.

7. Chocolate Cake 

Let’s begin with an example – think of the family gathering on the day of the Christmas. What sits on the table that becomes the center of all attention? That one thing those kids and adults both cannot wait to dive into? A large delicious Chocolate Cake. The spongy softness of the cake with the thick creamy filling or icing on top. Drooling already aren’t you? While it is easy to eat it, it is very difficult to get it right. With all the holiday preparations on the day of the event, one might not want to take the risk of making the cake. If that is the case, then just make it a part of your christmas gifts delivery – a gift to yourself.

8. Chocolate Fragrance Plant – Chocolate Cosmos 

Well, if non living things is not working for you then how about a living chocolate scented flowers? Chocolate Cosmos – A dark reddish brown, velvety flower with a long, slender dark brown stem native to Mexico. They are hardy flowers that can also be grown in small pots during the winter season indoors. They can thus be appreciated up close and also make good cut flowers.

So, a bunch of chocolate cosmos or maybe a pot of chocolate cosmos for your chocolate loving friend would be a great idea. What do you say?

9. Chocolate Covered Fruits 

Strawberries, apples, bananas, etc. Imagine these fruits covered in creamy chocolates? Sinful! This is probably the easiest way to get kids to have fruits. They are bound to be instant hits with both adults and children. It is the simplicity of this recipe and the very idea of it which makes us smile with childlike happiness. Decorate the chocolate dipped fruits with chocolate shavings or choco chips and you are good to go. Everyone loves the crunchy delicious chocolate cover which melts in the mouth and then the soft and sweet fruit beneath.

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10. Chocolate Fudge Candles 

The smell of chocolates in the air! Even thinking about it brings warmth to the heart. Well, you do not have to cook a chocolate dish in the house to get that kind of a feeling anymore. Bring home chocolate fudge candles and that will do the trick. For chocolate lovers the fragrance of chocolate is very important. So, who will say no to a gift which makes the whole house smell like Willie Wonkas Chocolate Factory? You can either buy this product or make it at home with care. Either way, it will be a very good present for anyone.

11. Hazelnut Chocolate Cream 

We all love Nutella! It probably comes in our dreams. Well, maybe it is time to put your hands on something even better – Hazelnut Chocolate Cream! Toasted hazelnuts, almonds, vanilla, sugar and CHOCOLATE squeezed into a tube. The rich, creamy spread is bound to take your breath away – You may call this your true love. It is amazing and not too heavy on your pocket. So this holiday season, go a little crazy no matter how old you are and get yourself a box of chocolate delivery online for a few tubes of this creamy goodness.

12. Box of Chocolate Soaps 

This season, let all your chocolate loving friends and family members start their day with the smell of chocolates. Gift them a box of chocolate soaps because chocolates can go beyond the walls of the kitchen and more. Handmade chocolate soaps with natural ingredients such as olive oil, cocoa butter, wheat germ oil and others like tea tree oil come in a variety of flavors – chocolate fudge, raspberry drizzle, rich chocolate ganache, etc., which are bound to make people happy. These soaps come beautifully wrapped in pretty and well decorated boxes which complete the overall classy look of the gift.

13. Chocolate Lover Magnets 

Chocolate lovers just want chocolates all around them. So, why not fridge magnets as well?

You can choose your favorite chocolate lovers fridge magnet design from different stores online. They can also be customized according to your wish so that you receive exactly what you want. They are fun and not only do they have to be up on the refrigerator in your home, but they can also be used to hold up notes or photographs, decorate your workspace, the locker or wherever you want to put a bit of chocolate inspiration in your daily life routine.

14. Chocolate Lip Balm 

With winter comes chapped lips and we keep on putting the lip balm on from time to time. Well, what else do we do? We accidentally lick it off many times. What if the lip balm tasted just as good as it smells?

This is where chocolate lip balm makes an entry. This is a great holiday gifts especially for women who love chocolates. They sooth the dry, chapped lips with the rich taste and goodness of creamy chocolates. They can be easily made at home with the flavor of your choice. So, it goes easy on the pocket, yet makes people happy since a great homemade gift shows your sincerity and love.

15. Chocolate Fondue Melting Pot 

Fondue! Be it Cheese or Chocolate, who can top that? Thick, creamy, molten chocolate in a pot, all ready to be yours. That is a perfect little painted picture. Dip the fruits or other food items of your choice in the molten richness and enjoy your evening — that is every chocolate lover’s dream! Chocolate fondue melting pot makes that dream come true and so if you have to present a chocolate lover with a gift, then this could easily be the perfect one. This will stay with the person for a long time and you might get invited to the chocolate fondue parties yourself! So it is a win-win situation!

16. Chocolate Bacon 

Cooked bacon covered in dark chocolate or milk chocolate, which can be garnished with the ingredient of your choice, such as pistachios, crumbled almonds, sea salt, sprinkles and many more. Sounds crazy enough to work? Make it for your holiday dinner this season and see everyone go crazy over this simple dish. It works best with streaky bacon and the kind of chocolate used depends completely on you. This dish is the perfect matrimonial bond between the sweet and the savory thus making it a favorite among both bacon and chocolate lovers around the world. So, all you have to do to get the party started is buy bacon and chocolates of your choice and you are all set with the appetizers. You might not have to make anything else! Just kidding!

Do make your guests something more along with this for dinner…

17. Wonder Berry Chocolate Truffle Tea 

What makes your winter morning refreshing? A cup of coffee? A cup of hot chocolate? Or how about a cup of hot tea?

Wonder Berry has brought out their chocolate truffle Oolong tea for all tea and chocolate lovers to begin their mornings on a happy note. The full bodied taste with the rich aroma of chocolate and tea oxidizes the system that’s helping to stay energized throughout the day. It is not just chocolate but also an assortment of berries that makes this tea so special – cranberries, elderberries, blackberries, cherries and raspberries make it a berry lover’s delight as well. So, the berries infused with rich cocoa and Madagascar vanilla make the perfect blend of pure wickedness.

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