Top 5 Holiday Gift Basket Ideas You Haven’t Thought Yet

Top 5 Holiday Gift Basket Ideas You Haven’t Thought YetThere are numerous times around the year, when you are required to buy or send a gift to someone. So, in case you want to come up with something original and unique gift ideas, then, gift baskets the perfect answer. Gift baskets are an awesome way to give a present to an individual you care about. Gift baskets are fun, artistic, and it is fit for every occasion, because they can be tailored as per requirement.

Here, we present 5 creative Holiday gift basket ideas which will help you convey your special thoughts to someone you care about –

#1. Holiday Wine Gift Baskets :

Holiday Wine Gift BasketsWine related gifts are always welcome. It is a classy way of expressing gratitude or for celebrating a special occasion. The first step is selecting a suitable container. Then, comes the choice of wines. This should consist of choosing one wine that is familiar to him or her and one wine which is new to him or her. You will also need to include cheese, crackers, and other food that goes well with wine. The last step – add a few wine accessories like a wine journal, or a wine stopper, or aerators, or glasses which are specific to wine types. For final touches, make sure that all of the items in the basket are cushioned, secure, and look awesome.

#2. Gourmet Gift Baskets :

Gourmet Gift BasketsGourmet gift baskets are the perfect corporate gift hampers for your business partners, clients, and colleagues. If you are looking for, making a business relationship with your client or customer, it is a good idea to gift them a gourmet gift basket. There are many advantages of these baskets, including, healthy and nutritious ingredients, as well as trendy and classy gifting options. Gourmet gift baskets consisting of delicious snacks, fruit baskets, wine basket offers beauty and elegance, which would surely beneficial for retaining old client or help secure new clients. Wine gift basket is also an attractive corporate gift  for enhancing your business and making new clients in a unique way.

#3. DIY Gift Baskets :

DIY Gift BasketsIf you want to give the perfect gift to either a family member, or a friend, or a colleague, you can give a DIY gift basket. For creating the perfect DIY Gift Baskets, here are 5 tips you need to remember –

  • Choose the Right BasketWhen you are doing a DIY gift basket, you need to choose a woven basket. However, it is not the only a woven basket that works. You can use any kind of container or basket for the basket.
  • Choose the Perfect GiftsBegin by filling up the basket with bigger items which require a large amount of space. They might not be expensive. They will just occupy a bit of space which will make the gift basket look full nice, even though it might not contain many items. The bigger items can include a water bottle for the friend who likes to stay healthy, a cookbook for the friend who likes to cook, and other stuff which will depend on the type of person you are giving the gift basket to. Since a large part of the basket has been filed up with big items, you can fill the remaining space by adding some smaller items. The basket needs to look totally filled or overflowing. Thus, try to fill up the remaining space with small inexpensive item. The items can be some cosmetics, or some stationary items, or some other small items.
  • Add a Customized MessageMake your gift baskets look more thoughtful and personalized by adding a customized message for the recipient. A small note or a greeting card does the trick wonderfully.
  • Your Delivery OptionsFor DIY Gift baskets, you need to hand deliver the basket to make it even more personal, than it already is. But, you might also choose courier so that it acts as a special surprise or if the recipient is located out of town/country.

#4. Cheese Gift Basket :

Cheese Gift Basket

Cheese gift baskets are more than welcome as gifts during the holiday season. Not only do the recipients love the sentiment that goes with the cheese gift baskets, they also love the food in the baskets, as well. It consists of food ingredient, which the recipients normally avoid for health conscious. Therefore, the cheese basket gives you a charming opportunity to have your favorite item on plate. Even otherwise, people love to have the chance to eat fatty, creamy, and rich foods during the winter, which is the other reason of selection of cheese gift basket during the Christmas.

#5. Organic Food Gifts Basket for Christmas :

Organic Food Gifts Basket for Christmas

There is a buzz in the market regarding organic food. To give a unique and a nice gift to a close relative or friend during Christmas, one can think of organic food gift baskets. Organic food items are perfect for any occasion, because of many advantages of organic food, which includes

  • Nutrition,
  • Prevent allergies,
  • No Genetically Modified Ingredients,
  • A Healthier Environment,
  • Saving our Wildlife

Being aware of such advantage, organic gift basket is the unique and praiseworthy gift idea. You would have a large number of choices to select from and make the basket tailored as per the suitability. This choice is not limited to the kind of gift baskets, you get to choose, but also the food items which are included in the gift basket. So choose healthier items yet tastier as the gift item, which are Eco-friendly at the same time.

The 5 Holiday gift baskets which have been stated above are quite unique and creative and it’s a sure fact that your loved ones, friends, and relatives will be pleasantly surprised if they receive one of the above gift baskets. So, give them a unique gift basket, and Merry Christmas!

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