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11 Silly Mistakes You Make with Corporate (Holiday) Gifts

Getting a gift has always been a pleasure for people. Thus, whenever the holidays come up the exchange of gifts become a sight to watch. Some gifts are so weird and tacky or completely useless for a particular person that instead of becoming a perfect gift, it becomes a subject for gossip during parties. There are certain rules that come into play when you buy gifts, especially corporate gift baskets since this would probably make or break an impression about you to the person who is of very high importance. While people say that giving a gift cannot be as important as other work, they might just want to rethink their whole gifting plan this holiday season.

Corporate Gift-Giving Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

#1. Shopping Without Planning (Watch your spending) : 

Holiday seasons are the times when the stores go through their maximum sale festival.

  • One of the most common mistakes made by people is shopping without a proper plan. This often leads to overpaying or buying the wrong gift and if someone shops at the last moment, then he/she might just forget about the price since that will be sky high.
  • Overlooking coupons are a strict no-no if you are shopping on a tight budget. Coupons are not just for places like grocery stores, but even for high end corporate gift baskets.
  • The next mistake would be to not compare prices of the gifts. Nowadays there are numerous apps which can do the work in a few seconds for you. Do make use of the modern technology at hand. 
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#2. Making it All About You : 

For the holiday or corporate gifts, certain points if remembered helps a lot and makes your gift a truly heartfelt one. The one thing you must not forget is that the gift is all about the person who is receiving it.

  • In case of buying holiday gifts the first step would be to give a gift that the person remembers you every time he/she takes a look at it. For example, if you are gifting a beautiful wall clock, then why not engrave it with the logo of the company of the receiver!
  • Do not forget to listen to people when they talk to you. They might just mention something they like and as the business field has seen it, clients drop hints all the time as to what they want. So if it a matter of a suitable gift for a client then be careful enough to listen to the person during a discussion.
  • If you want to deepen your relationship with the person the gift is meant for then it is absolute must that you deliver the gift in person.

#3. Choose QUALITY over QUANTITY! (It’s useful)

Gifting by itself is like walking over thin ice if you are not careful enough since gifts are personal no matter what sort of a gift it is. The first thing to maintain is the uniqueness of your gifts. Most corporate gift baskets contain pens, holders, files, table clocks, etc. Stand out in the middle of this by being unique with your gifts. Your gift should not be cheap or of low quality as this can pretty much ruin your impression on the person getting the gift. You don’t have to give too many gifts to a person, but make sure to maintain the quality of corporate or holiday gifts.

#4. Re-gift with Caution: 

The practice of giving gifts that you received from someone before is becoming a rising trend these days. While that is not wrong, you have to be careful about a few things while choosing to do that

  • The first thing to consider is whether or not you will hurt anybody’s feelings. The person who gave you the gift in the first place should not be able to find out about this.
  • The person you are giving the gift should not be able to tell that it is a regift and not specifically bought for them.

#5. Make Gifts Personal When Possible: 

Personalized gifts are now becoming trendy. Even for normal gifting, nowadays people appreciate if the items are absolutely person specific or allied with their interests. There is always the possibility that you might not be able to afford it, but even then pick out something small and nice but personal.

#6. Be Sensitive to Religious Beliefs: 

Don’t just assume that every client or friend of yours celebrates Hanukkah or Christmas because, if their religious beliefs do not align with your gifts that will make the situation awkward. To avoid something like that just ask a simple question. Ask whether or not they celebrate a certain festival or not. This in turn will help you to make your holiday gift baskets and corporate gift hampers more meaningful. But if you want to escape the confusion you might as well gift the person something after he/she completes a big project or for New Year – occasions every person celebrates.

#7. Include Everyone When Possible: 

It is important that you do not forget anyone when you give out presents to your friends and family or to your employees and clients. If you give out gifts to a few specific people, it could easily have a negative impact even though your gesture was kind and with the best of intensions. People will talk behind your back and the word might spread around; so you should not make anyone feel neglected or forgotten. To avoid overlooking people :

  • Keep a tab of all the employees, clients, friends and family members you have. Even include service providers and other facilities that you use, since a small token of appreciation can go a long way.
  • Carefully select the gifts for each set of people so they feel that it was indeed a kind gesture on your part and that you have taken their sentiments into consideration.
  • You should recheck everything before you send out the presents and cards to all the people.

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#8. Accidentally Offending Your Clients: 

Corporate gift baskets may have a range of items or maybe a couple of items, but you need to be careful about the things you gift since something might be offensive to someone. Say for example, you gave milk based gourmet products to a lactose intolerant person; you can’t exactly expect him/her to be very happy. If you do not know what to give the person then better play it safe and give your client a few options for gifts. Keep the tone cordial and your gesture honest because that will play to your advantage and you can expect further business from the same person.

#9. Including the Price Tags: 

We always scratch out the prices on the tags before giving a gift don’t we? Think about the last holiday gift you gave to your close ones!

Well, there is no point in hiding the price since the value of money cannot be disguised. No matter who you give the gift to, people will definitely evaluate the money spent on the gift. This is human nature!

To avoid that if you present people with cash, then the next problem that arises is that you set a standard and people will expect you to increase the amount every time.

#10. Don’t fall for the Hype (Choosing the wrong time to give) :

Give the gift to the person at the right time. Pick your moments since every situation has a unique time frame for gifting, especially if it is to a client. When you present your client with a corporate gift item, it is usually after a project or deal is complete. However, sometimes waiting helps!!! Say for example, a client has recently completed a successful project, so everyone will be congratulating him/her and give congratulatory gifts. Among all those gifts, yours might end up neglected. So choose the right time to give the present so that you are remembered.

#11. Do Nothing:

If you feel that you cannot afford to give holiday or corporate gifts to your clients or that you shouldn’t be expected to give out gifts, then you better think about the reasons and consequences that follow.

  • Gift giving after every single project or deal has almost become an expectation between buyers and sellers.
  • While not giving a gift is perfectly alright, it might make a few people feel snubbed and you might lose any further business that you could have gotten from your clients.
  • Most of all, remember to always treat your clients properly because even though the closing gift is important, it has no value if your clients were not given proper respect. The gift only amplifies the good relationship you already have with your client. A sour relationship cannot be mended with a token gift.

Make a worthy choice of your gift for avoiding misunderstanding by going through the ideas mentioned. Enjoy gifting smartly so that it brings smiles to the recipients.

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