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7 Best Last Minute Christmas Party Snacks Ideas for Kids

Christmas is coming; people are ready to have delicious food. Even the kids also enjoy the Christmas a lot. Many schools, the kid may be invited to bring the food for their class on the occasion of Christmas. Thus, it becomes very hard for the mother to decide what to send school for kids, which will be tasty as well as healthy. If you are also planning to send the dish to your kid school or want to prepare last minute snacks for your kid’s friends who are at your home. Here are the 7 best last-minute Christmas party snacks ideas for kids and they are:

1] Christmas Pretzel Treats

Kids love the delicious food; most of the kids don’t like spicy food. Thus, for them, it will be the perfect option for kids. It is the combination of sweet and salt. The Christmas pretzel treats are one bite snacks that have very good taste. You can use the smarty to decorate these bites. Most important, it will need only 10 minutes to prepare. If you want the fast recipe, then it will be one of them that you can even prepare last minute.

2] Tiny Teddy Cars

Kids always appreciate innovative and creative things. When it comes about the food, then they first prefer its look and then taste. So, if you want to make a good impression among your kid’s friend, then you can get these tiny teddies on the grid. And after serving this, you will be super popular among the children. Either serve tiny teddy cars on their own or you can prepare the racetrack and put cars on it to represent it in the more creative way. It will also one of the best last-minute snacks options.

3] Bourbon Chocolate Popcorn

Kids love a different kind of biscuits and one of their favorites is Bourbon. If you are looking for last minute snacks idea for kids on the occasion of Christmas, then you can try this delicious snack for the kids. It will take less time to prepare. You can make the Bourbon chocolate popcorn yourself from the Kale chips and cupcakes. It is an easy and simple snacks option to prepare it for the kids, and it will be like by the kids because it has chocolates.

4] Fried Ravioli

It is snacks from Italy, so when you serve some Italian snacks to your kids, then they will really happy. The kids will taste some different dish, and most important, you don’t have to put a lot of effort to prepare it. You can prepare the fried ravioli yourself from the flavor Mosaic. You can also look for the christmas cookie delivery online option; it is also last minute snacks option for the kids that they will enjoy.

5] Hummus and Carrot Sticks

It will be good to serve the snacks which are salty as well as sweet. Most of the kids will not eat spicy things, so it will be better to serve that will be like by everyone. Hummus and carrot sticks are one of the best last-minute snack options for the kids. To prepare this, you can ditch the pita chip and serve wholesome hummus with sweet, crunchy baby carrots. Along with this, you can keep some chocolates and for that, you can look for the christmas chocolate delivery.

6] Avocado Toast Strips

Avocado is healthy for the body, so to prepare this dish you can toast multigrain bread, then cut into the pieces and top with the mashed avocado, cherry tomatoes and add a little amount of lime juice. Keep the size of the toast small, so the little hands can grab it easy.

7] Oven-baked Sweet Potato Fries

Fries are loved by the kids, so it will be an impeccable option for the last minute snack, especially for the kids. You can bake the sweet potato in the oven, toss with the oil, salt, and pepper. Bake until the potatoes become tender and crispy. Cut the potatoes into even sized wedges, so the kids can eat proper.
These are the 7 best last-minute Christmas party snacks ideas for kids that can be easily prepared at home in very less time.

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