7 Best Vegan Birthday Gift Ideas for Love of Life

Either your lover is a vegan or a just veg curious, a vegan gift is one of the best gift ideas. Vegan is best because it is cruelty free and no one is really harmed to make that gift. Vegan purses to truffles, all the below gifts were made without harming any animals. These types of gifts will surely give you so much of appreciation and through you the love of your life may also be inspired to turn vegan. Thus impress your vegan loved ones and loves of your life with these amazing and best vegan birthday gift ideas which they are sure to love.

Visit to a Sanctuary

If your beloved is an animal lover there is no better gift for them than this visit to Limousine cows in Ireland farm. Charlie’s Acres farm Animal Sanctuary and Wildwood Farm Sanctuary are two most fantastic visits. You can also choose any sanctuary that is nearest to your loved one’s place so that you guys can visit or just makes a donation in their name. Send cake online to your near and dear ones on special occasions to make the occasions even more special and memorable.

Vegan Italian Tour

This tour is actually led by a popular vegan cheese purveyor and Mercy for Animals supporter Miyokao Shiners who is the founder of Miyoko’s Kitchen that is the creators of some of the best vegan products on Earth. The nine day tour package takes the guests through Venice and the Dolomites and lodges them at La Vimea vegan hotel. They take the guests to visit local sites and for four cooking demonstrations. Thus you loved one will never forget this type of special birthday gift.

Plant Based Truffles

Yes you heard it right; these are plant based truffles not animal products at all. These truffles are handmade and you can also request them to personalize or get it custom made if you have any allergies. These truffles taste just like the chocolate truffles sometimes even better than the truffles made with dairy products.

Vegan Cookie Kit in a Jar

You can make something vegan on your own as this sweet vegan recipe will clearly melt their heart on their special day. To make this you will need a Mason jar, almond flour, coconut flour, pink sea salt, coconut sugar and almond milk. You have to mix all the ingredients in the bowl and add organic extra virgin coconut oil and mix it thoroughly. Now bake the cookies and cool it down for few minutes before transferring it into a plate.

A Chocolate Assortment

This is simply a big box full of vegan chocolates. Who doesn’t love chocolates, everyone does and so your beloved will love too. Chocolates are one of the gifts for birthday as it will make your dear one’s day sweeter and they can eat these chocolates without being in any kind of guilt as they are dairy free. This is actually vegan dark chocolate gourmet chocolates assortment gift box. Make birthday gift delivery to your friends and relatives and wish them a very happy birthday through amazing gifts.

Another Delicious Treat

You can gift this delicious vegan sea salt caramel balls which they would surely like. These treat is amazing and your beloved will love it a little too much if she really loves caramel and sea salt. This is a dairy free, vegan candy and also lactose free. Thus it a great birthday treats for your lover if they are vegan. You can find many vegan treats online through which you can celebrate your loved one’s special day and make it more memorable with delicious vegan treats and surprise for their birthday.

Vegan Beauty Products

One of the favorite gifts of all the women are beauty products and for vegan women there are vegan beauty products which means in preparation of these beauty products no humans were harmed. These cruelty free beauty products includes make up, make up brushes, shampoo, lotions and many more things. These gifts would be well appreciated because your lover would be glad that you made many efforts to find the products that fit their lifestyle. Vegan make up products are best because they do not contain any type of animal product and they are also not tested on animals.

These are some best vegan gift ideas which love of your life definitely love and appreciate.

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