7 Cute and Yummy Cookies for Kids Birthday Party Celebration

7 Cute and Yummy Cookies for Kids Birthday Party Celebration

You would want to do your best when you are arranging your kid’s birthday party, everything starts with an invitation, to planning the food menu, cake, decoration, and whatnot. After spending so much time prepping you still won’t feel enough as it is your little one’s birthday party and the guests would also be the kids so you would always want to do a little extra. Kids love cookies so you can have delicious cookies at the party. Cookies can be kept as party treats to serve the little kids and make the celebration special for them. You can treat the little ones with colorful cookie bites, so let the kids celebrate their birthday in a new way with cute and yummy cookies and making their day memorable.

1] Horse Cookies with the Birthday Number

 Horse Cookies with the Birthday Number

These are horse-shaped cookies and if your little one is fond of horses and horse riding they will surely love these cookies. The cookies are in the shape of a horse and are beautifully decorated. Moreover, they are decorated with the birthday number of the birthday boy or girl. The kids would be so excited to eat such decorative cookies for the birthday of your baby.

2] Birthday Cake Cookies

Birthday Cake Cookies

Here the cookies are in the shape of birthday cakes. The cookie is decorated as a birthday cake and it totally looks like a cake. Kids would be very happy to eat the cake as well as the cookies looking like a cake. So get ready to treat your child and his or her friends with delicious birthday cake cookies and make their birthday more exciting and fun. You can order crunchy cookies for various occasions from Giftblooms to treat your special ones with their favorite treats.

3] Cookie Monster Oreos

Cookie Monster Oreos

Kids always love treats that look unique and so we are sure they would love these cookie monster Oreos. Here the Oreos are dipped in white chocolate and blue food color is added to white chocolate. This dipped Oreos will be blue in color and they are decorated with candy eyes and Mini chocolate chips so that they resemble monsters. We at Giftblooms offer cookie variations that all people like to eat so that you can choose from them to surprise your dear ones for special events.

4] Marshmallow Flower Cookies

Marshmallow Flower Cookies

Trust us these Marshmallow flower cookies looks even better than those flower bouquets. The regular cookies are made and then marshmallows are decorated on the cookies so that they resemble blooms. Moreover different colored frosting is made on the top of cookies so that these flower cookies look colorful. To adorn the cookies M&M is also put on the center. You can choose from our fresh birthday cookies online to convey birthday greetings to your loved ones and make their birthday even sweeter and special.

5] Bunny Hug Cookies

Bunny Hug Cookies

These are cute little bunny hug cookies. The cookie dough is prepared in a usual manner and then cut out into gingerbread shapes. To add a cute twist to these cookies, a mini Cadbury egg is put into the center of the arms and then the arms are gently placed around the edges of the egg. You can use a toothpick to poke the eyes and nose of the bunny. These cute little bunnies holding eggs will look so nice and the kids will go crazy over these bunny hug cookies at the birthday party.

6] Birthday Ice Cream Cookies

Birthday Ice Cream Cookies

You can make adorable ice cream cookies with an ice cream shaped cookie cutter. You do not even need a rolling pin all you need is simple peanut butter cookie recipe, chocolate, and sprinkles. Make the cookies in the shape of the cone, frost the cookie with chocolate, and spread sprinkle over the cookie where you have put the melted chocolate and also use a plastic knife to make checks on the cookies so that it looks like an ice cream cone. Order birthday cookies online from our online gift store and wish your near and dear ones a very happy birthday with gourmet cookies.

7] Mega Size Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mega Size Chocolate Chip Cookies

Giant cookies are kid’s favorite because they love eating cookies and they do not like it when their cookies are over. These cookies are made with mega-size M&M’s and trust us these cookies will be the best birthday party treat show stoppers. You can serve these mega-size chocolate chip cookies as party favors too. Instead of M&M chocolate chips can also be used and the kids should be treated for birthday. Make online gift delivery USA to your friends and relatives for various special occasions and festivals to convey your greetings.

We hope these 7 cute and yummy cookies will make your kid’s birthday party celebration more fun and sweeter.

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