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7 Delicious Easter Cookies for your Guest to say Yummy..!

Easter Cookies for your Guest

It is almost the end of March. And with all these quarantine situations around the world, we are afraid of celebrations. But, celebrations of occasions are the only thing that keeps our life going. As it is a problematic situation now, it is best to plan for a celebration at home with people. The next upcoming worldwide celebration is Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are 7 most delicious Easter Cookies for this occasion. As your own relatives will be your guests, they will love to enjoy such delicacy and celebrate the occasion.

1) PEEPS Style Sugar Cookie Pops

PEEPS Style Sugar Cookie Pops

These are cookies that we are going to make like ice creams. You can choose the flavor of the cookies according to your favorite flavor. It can be chocolate, it can be vanilla; it can be mixed fruit as well- anything sweet in taste. Bake them into different other shapes and put a stick in them to give it a popsicle look. It can be love shaped, teddy face shaped, Christmas tree-shaped and much more funny shaped. After the baking is done, put some coloring sprinkles on them when the cookies are hot.

2) Carrot Patch Cookies

Carrot Patch Cookies

These cookies will not only give a melting taste in your mouth, rather it will give your guest an attractive look to be drawn to as well. For these cookies, all you need is wafers, chocolate chips or crushes, small caramel cubes cut into carrot shapes and some green edible marsh-mellow sticks. First, you join the wafers to give it a basket look. Then inside the wafer basket, put the chocolate crumbs or crushes and fill the basket. Then within it, put the carrot-shaped cut caramels. Such a cute home farm carrot patch cookies will blow the mind of your favorite on this occasion of Easter. Send Easter cookies online to your beloved staying away.

3) Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups

Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups

Cookies have an inseparable connection with Cadbury. This cookie more or less looks like a cup of hot chocolate. First, you need to make wafer cups, then pour chocolates in them and bake them. After baking, when the cup is still hot, put some coloring sprinkles so that it can settle on them. Then cool it and serve it to your Easter celebration guests with whatever drink they want to have with them. DO not forget to put some cold vanilla cream on the platter to enhance the essence of the taste.

4) Easter Basket Cookies

Easter Basket Cookies

Easter is all about gifts, celebrations along with some familiar icons like eggs, bunnies, and unicorns. To an Easter basket cookies, you need to make a miniature of all these symbols with edible things like chocolates, Vanilla, and others. Make a small basket with either toast biscuits or wafers. Then put those edible miniatures in them and properly bake it. Serve it after cooling down with crème on the platter. Your guests will always remember you such innovative Easter cookies treat. Especially, as you would make and bake it with your own hands, it will become more special to them according to the theme of the occasion.

5) Mini Easter egg Cookies

Mini Easter egg Cookies

Again, Easter is all about cakes, sweets, desserts, and eggs. It would be great if you include the egg in your pastry or cookie platters as well. First, bake the chocolate square well. After that, make some smaller eggs with frozen crème. Mainly use the white crème and the yellow one to give it a full or half egg shape. Then place it on the baked chocolate bed. This will be amazing cookies to celebrate the occasion of Christ’s resurrection, a happy occasion. You can get all these from online gift delivery to USA in the best quality.

6) Shortbread Sheep Cookies

Shortbread Sheep Cookies

This cookie needs Oreo or any other cookies biscuits or round cut pieces of bread, some vanilla crème, melted chocolate or chocolate crème. First, you need to put the biscuits on the tray. Then put some vanilla crème covering the upper side of the biscuit. Or if you want to give it a new taste, put one marshmallow on each biscuit and bake it so that the marshmallow melts. Then on it, make a sheep face with the molten chocolate, make the face and ear with chocolate cream. Then to make the eye, put a small dot of vanilla crème on the face. Your shortbread sheep cookies are ready to be served. These Easter cookies for your guest would blow the guest’s minds away on the occasion.

7) Bunny Butt Cookies

Bunny Butt Cookies

This again is Popsicle cookies with sticks (chocolate-vanilla sticks) in it. First make the base with cake, biscuit or bread. Then put the white cream on it. On the white layer, make two small dots with pink (strawberry) crème to make the bunny paws. Your bunny butt cookies are ready. Serve them with some miniature bunny dolls, to make it great.

Easter is all about cakes, pastries, and cookies. Above are the best delicious and good looking cookies to celebrate with guests.

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