7 Halloween Birthday Ideas to Celebrate in October

Halloween Birthday Ideas

You are really lucky if you are born in the month of October. That you can really host a fun birthday party with fall decoration and Halloween theme. You can transform the birthday venue into a haunted house with indoor as well as outdoor decorations. Make sure your friends and family rave about your birthday party till next October. You can start by crafting a Halloween wreath that would let the guests know they are in the right place. Also, give your foods and drinks a twist and so all the ghouls and goblins can enjoy it. Thus don’t let turning a year older scare you away and host a frighteningly fun Halloween Birthday Party. Thus we are here with some 7 Halloween Birthday Ideas you can have to celebrate. If your birthday falls in October and has a spooky Halloween themed birthday that everyone would remember.

1] Skull Planters

Skull Planters

You can use the skull-shaped glasses as planters. Here you can use skull shot glasses and add soil or sedum if required. You can also use skull showpieces as planters. You can plant succulents in these skull planters and it would look so lovely. Thus you can also use these skull planters as party favors and thank your guests for their presence. We are sure your guests will find these skull planters too cute and perfect for a Halloween themed birthday party.

2] Skeleton Flower Vase

Skeleton Flower Vase

You do not have to go overboard with your Halloween themed birthday decoration. You can have a bold centerpiece for your Halloween themed birthday party. Thus simply have a skeleton flower vase and decorate fall flowers in the vase. To make this flower vase even spookier you can add a plastic skeleton toy sitting on the vase in the center of flowers. This centerpiece will definitely scare your guests but do not worry they would not run away.

3] Halloween Birthday Party Cake

Halloween Birthday Party Cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake. And as you have Halloween themed birthday party has a scary and spooky cake for your birthday so it will give the guests Halloween feels. You can have a multi-tier birthday cake and get a spider web whipped over the cake. You can also get an edible spider over a cake because that would scare the guests. There are many options for Halloween themed birthday cakes. You can even order online a Halloween theme birthday cake if you want to stay away from the hassle of baking a cake on your own. Make birthday cake delivery and wish your loved ones a very happy birthday through a lovely and delicious birthday cake.

4] Halloween Birthday Party Balloons

Halloween Birthday Party Balloons

You can create Halloween birthday balloons on your own. For this, you will white balloons and black tulle. Blow all the white balloons and cover the balloons with the black tulle. These balloons will add an eerie feeling to your Halloween themed birthday décor. This is a fun and most inexpensive way to add the charm of balloons to Halloween Birthday Ideas to Celebrate in October.

5] Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

The sky is a limit for Halloween themed birthday parties. You can let your imaginations run wild and you can do some really creative and interesting things for this party. That you can also come up with an entire storyline according to a horror storybook and have the most exciting and spookiest Halloween birthday party. You can transform the party hall into a haunted mental asylum or a haunted house where the skeletons are flying and blood is dripping or you can also have coffins with mummies inside.

6] Pumpkin Favors

Pumpkin Favors

Party Favors are very important for birthday parties. You can ask your guests in advance to dress appropriately according to the Halloween theme. And once they enter you can hand over each guest with a wizard cap and a black cape they can wear over their dresses. So the ones who are not appropriately dressed will also look proper according to the theme. Order halloween gifts online and surprise your friends and relatives on this Holiday season with lovely gifts.

7] Play Halloween Party Games

Play Halloween Party Games

To make your birthday party interesting and fun it is so necessary to have games. You can have games like donut eating where donuts are hung on thread and guests have to eat them without using their hands. If you can apply jam on the donuts so it looks like blood is dripping from guest’s mouths. You can also play the mummy wrap game. Send halloween cookies to the USA to your near and dear ones living far away from you and convey festival greetings.

We hope these Halloween Birthday Ideas make your Birthday even more fun and interesting. Halloween themed birthday party because a birthday party is incomplete without birthday balloons.

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