7 Of the Most Popular Birthday Party Games for Teens!

7 Of the Most Popular Birthday Party Games for Teens!

Birthdays are very much exciting for everybody. It is a special day for everyone. This single day in a year matters a lot to everyone that is his or her birthday. Therefore, we should celebrate this day and make the person feel very special by various means including surprising birthday gift delivery online at the doorstep and the eleventh hour. Below mentioned are some of the ideas or some of the popular party games.

1: Guess Who Am I?

Guess Who Am I Birthday Party Game

For this game, things like paper, a marker pen, and tape are needed. And then write any celebrities’ names on the paper and then stick the paper with the tape on the back of the person. Every player can look at the names of the celebrities at the back of other players, but they are not allowed to disclose it. Every teen will guess the name written on their backs and will ask the other players, but the other player will give a reply in just Yes or No.

2: Hunt The M&M’S

Hunt The M&M’S Birthday Party Game

This game needs a Ziploc bag and M&M’s only. Firstly, put the M&M’s in small Ziploc bags and then place or you can hide the bags in the garden or any other playing areas. The game will be very much fun if there are many Ziploc bags hidden in the playing area or the garden. Then the teen players should go around and start looking for the small Ziploc bags filled with M&M’s. Then they should take out 3 candies from one bag and then find the other bags and from each bag, they need to take out 3 M&M’s and give it to the host of the game. Of course, there is a time limit for this game.

3: Truth or Dare Birthday Balloon Style

Truth or Dare Birthday Party Game

For this game, you need some colorful balloons, a pen, paper, and music. Write the truth and dare activities in the paper and put it inside the balloon before inflating it. When the music is started each teenager should throw up the balloon in the air and should dance keeping the balloon in the air. If the balloon touches the ground that teen should pop the balloon and do the activity mentioned inside the balloon. For this, you can send birthday balloons to the near and dear ones on their birthday.

 4: Dance and Freeze

Dance and Freeze Birthday Party Game

To feel the person on his or her birthday more special you can opt for birthday gift delivery to make that person feel very special. Dance and freeze can be fun games for the teens and for that a good music is only needed. One person must control the music and the other teens should get on the dance floor to dance. The person controlling the music can stop the music and then there the teens should stop dancing and if anyone doing any activity he or she will be eliminated.

5: Pass the Hat

Pass the Hat Birthday Party Game
For this game, you need a themed hat or a fancy hat. The teens should form a circle and each teen has to wear the hat and pass it on to the next teen’s head without using the hands. If the hat falls while passing, then the teen who is passing the hat will get eliminated from the game. This will continue until there is any specific winner.

6: I Hear the Voices

I Hear the Voices Birthday Party Game

This game needs some recorded celebrity voices and a pen and paper for each player. The game is like, a person should play the celebrity voice continuously and the teens should write down the names of the celebrities in the order. The teen who can write all the names of the celebrity in proper order is the winner. This a very much entertaining game for all the teens and it is a kind of entertaining game for everyone, therefore everyone can participate in this fun and frolic game. Apart from the birthday game, don’t forget to arrange or order cakes online without that every birthday is incomplete.

7: Balloon Choo Choo

Balloon Choo Choo Birthday Party Game
This is a fun game in which you need a lot of balloons. Divide the teens into two groups and make a starting line and end at least 20 feet apart. Each player of the team holds it against the back of the person standing in front of them. They should press the bellies against the balloon to hold it against the backside of the next team member. Holding the balloons firmly one must move towards the finishing line and the first member who reaches the finishing line should pop the balloon to inform that they won the game and then everyone should pop the other balloons.

With these seven the Most Popular Birthday Party Games for Teens let’s make the birthday party memorable. Wishing You a Very Happy Birthday!

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