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7 Things to What to Do When You Forget Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the most awaited day of the year for Every couple. They all find this day very special as t is the universal love day. We have to live keeping work and emotions balanced. And emergency comes any time. So, it might happen that you forget about Valentine’s Day. Here are the 7 best things to do in such a critical situation.

1) Make Dinner

Make Dinner

Cooking is one of the best things to do in life. When we fail to impress someone, the last thing we try and succeed is food. Your love might be angry with you. You know his/her favorite dish that she/he loves to eat. Make an effort to see the recipe from the food expert online and try your hand in. It might or might not taste well. But the effort you have put to make him/her feel sorry for forgetting will be worthy enough. He/she can’t help but to forgive you and love you more.

2) Give Chocolate

Give Chocolate

Chocolate has that taste and essence in it. When you forget about Valentine’s Day, you are sorry from your heart. But that might take extra effort to make your love feel about that. Chocolate is one gift that none can ever say no to. Additionally, if it is of your favorite flavor, then there is no chance at all. So, even after being a sincere lover, if you forget about Valentine’s Day. Then chocolate from Valentine’s Day chocolate delivery will solve all the issues with your lover for sure.

3) Write Something

Write Something

There is a famous line- ‘pen is mightier than the sword’. When you are sorry from your heart and you want to apologize to the closest person of your heart, there is nothing better than words. Just write sorry and the three golden words of ‘I Love You’ on a paper and make him/her notice that. It will get better with the feelings written on it. Your words can express your feelings better than your actions do. So, next time you forget about Valentine’s Day or any special day, write a heart-melting letter to your beloved. After reading that, he/she cannot be angry with you for sure.

4) Take a Scenic Bike Ride

Take a Scenic Bike Ride

A long drive is always a mind refreshing choice of thing to do. When you get angry with your lover, he/she tries to do everything for you. The best is to pick you up for a quick bike ride. If you live in a place near the oceans, then any time a ride to the beach is welcome. When you see such beautiful things around you, including your beloved, he/she cannot hold a grudge for long. Your effort to make him/her see that you are sorry will melt his/her heart for sure.

5) Go the Place where you First met

Go the Place where you First met

Nostalgia is a very soothing thing to make someone feel good when they are not okay. There are certainly special and unique things of your relationship. The first place you met, the first movie you watched, the first gift you got and gifted- all of them are very special. The best way to make her/him smile on this Valentine’s Day is to let them relive one of those precious moments. Send Valentine’s Day gifts at that place to make it more special.

6) Focus on Small and Sweet Gifts

Focus on Small and Sweet Gifts

To be honest, you need time to think plan and do big. As you have forgotten Valentine’s Day, it will be risky to plan something big to impress her/him. Rather, it s best to go and buy some small yet meaningful gifts. A teddy bear with a sorry message written on its heart will be reflecting your situation perfectly. A customized small wristlet for him/her to wear all times will be great. He/she is mature enough to understand your pressures and reasons to forget the day. SO, they won’t mind much and will be happy with you.

7) Take a Late Afternoon Walk Together

Take a Late Afternoon Walk Together

If you are deep in love, your levels of understanding will be better. It will not be a big issue to forget Valentine’s Day. An evening stroll with your lover hand in hand in a cozy place will make this Valentine’s Day even better.

It is okay to forget about things at a time. But make sure you have any one or more of the above back-ups around you to fix the problem.

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